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The 2nd Annual 420 Smoke Out at Belfast City Hall

It was around this time last year I first saw a poster circulating Facebook advertising a 420 Smoke Out at Belfast City Hall.
I knew instantly that I had to go.

Some people claimed a turnout of 200; others said it was more like 40 or 50 people, what I can tell you is that, being in the crowd looking out, it felt like thousands.

Whilst perhaps tiny in comparison to international 420 celebrations like Colorado, Toronto or Amsterdam, the people certainly made up for it with the atmosphere.  It was like a crowd of long lost friends reuniting. Everyone was buzzing, chatting, sharing stories, advice and everything else…

April 20th 2013 is just under two months away so I thought now was as good a time as any to ignite interest with this year’s flyer.

If you’re reading this, COME ALONG, and please take a few moments to share the poster with friends and family, via Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

Lets celebrate cannabis with like minded people.

belfast city hall 420 cannabis celebration smoke out northern ireland

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