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Stardawg: The Strain We Love to Hate

In every village, town and city of Northern Ireland, there exists a strain of cannabis that’s as controversial as it is prevalent, Stardawg.

A name that stirs both love and disdain among local weed smokers, has firmly established itself as the most common strain of weed in the region’s thriving cannabis scene. Its distinctive aroma and potent effects have made it a household name, but with such popularity comes a fair share of criticism.

Stardawg’s Popularity

Stardawg’s prevalence in Northern Ireland is not a mere coincidence; it has earned its reputation through a combination of factors that make it a standout strain.

Potent Effects: Many users swear by Stardawg for its powerful effects. It has a knack for “monging you out,” as one friend aptly describes. The high from Stardawg is often described as a unique and potent experience, with some saying, “Nothing hits like the ‘dawg.” It’s known for delivering a heavy blow, and excessive consumption can easily leave your head in a delightful state of disarray. Personally, I’ve felt my train of thought skipping like a broken record on repeat during several sessions with a bag of ‘dawg.

Aromatic Allure: The aroma of Stardawg is practically omnipresent in the streets of Belfast. Its scent wafts through the air, and for many of us tokers, it’s nothing short of divine. The distinctive and unmistakable smell of Stardawg is one of its most enduring characteristics, captivating the senses of those who encounter it.

The Lingering Taste: If you’re fortunate enough to get your hands on a high-quality batch, rich with sparkling trichomes, you’ll be treated to a phenomenal flavor that further elevates the Stardawg experience.

High Yields and Manageable Growth: Stardawg isn’t just about the hit and the aroma; it’s also a prized choice for growers. This strain is renowned for its generous yields, making it an attractive option for commercial cultivators looking a cash crop.

The fact that Stardawg is the go-to choice for big commercial growers, ensures its consistent presence in the market. These combined factors have propelled Stardawg to the forefront of Northern Ireland’s cannabis scene.

If Stardawg is such a great strain, then why the hate?

The Overwhelming Presence: Stardawg has dominated the Northern Irish cannabis scene for the best part of a decade. While familiarity can be comforting, tokers also crave variety. It’s natural to desire other strains and flavors to tickle our taste buds and senses.

The Dark Side of Stardawg: Not all Stardawg is cultivated to its full potential, and this is a common issue in the world of commercially grown, black market cannabis. A lot of the ‘dawg about Belfast is medicore at best, some with very little trichomes at all, some that stinks of smoke perfume scent.. It raises questions about the practices of certain growers.

Are they taking shortcuts to maximize profits, perhaps by overloading the plants with excessive nutrients and rushing the harvest without proper flushing? Is the use of pesticides a concern in some cases? Is it possible that terpenes are being artificially added to create that distinctive aroma, which sometimes doesn’t translate to the taste when smoked. And looming over all these concerns is the big question: Could there be other psychoactive substances at play, contributing to that notorious “monged out” feeling?

These are all inquiries that my friends and I have discussed extensively. However, the truth remains elusive without proper testing and analysis.

The Unwanted After Effect: One reason for my personal dissatisfaction with “Stardawg” or that which is being passed off as it, is the persistent post-smoking need to clear one’s throat. It’s like an unpleasant reminder of the previous night’s indulgence. But that’s not down to the strain, it’s down to the growers.

Where did Stardawg come from anyhow?

The story of Stardawg’s creation is a fascinating journey that traces back to its illustrious parentage and the mastermind behind it.

JJ Edwards, the breeder at Top Dawg Seeds, is the creative force responsible for Stardawg. This legendary strain owes its existence to a clever cross between a Chem Dawg mother and a Tres Dawg father, both esteemed members of Top Dawg’s cannabis lineage. The distinctive “dawg” suffix in Stardawg’s name was a deliberate choice by JJ Edwards, setting his work apart from other Chemdog variants.

Well grown Stardawg has an abundance of trichomes that sparkle like stars, which is said to be the origin of its name.

Where can I get Stardawg seeds?

If you want to experience Stardawg at its finest, growing your own may be the best route, though you’ll need to wait for the law to catch up, unless you’re willing to take that risk. Perhaps you’re simply interested in obtaining Stardawg seeds to preserve until the day when growing cannabis becomes legal in Northern Ireland.

Unfortunately, Top Dawg Seeds, the original breeder of Stardawg, only sporadically releases these seeds. Their infrequent drops have become legendary in the cannabis community. They are a rare treasure eagerly sought after by both novice and experienced cultivators. If you’re interested in acquiring Stardawg seeds, you may need to exercise patience and keep an eye out for opportunities. Top Dawg Seeds’ sporadic releases add to the mystique of this already legendary strain.

Other seedbanks and breeders have brought their version of Stardawg to market. One of the most popular being an autoflowering version from Fast Buds Seeds.

Children of the Dawg

You might not be able to get your paws on the original Stardawg seds but there are lots of it’s children knocking about.

In Northern Ireland, Stardawg continues to be the strain we love to hate, a complex and ever-evolving relationship that will undoubtedly continue to shape the local cannabis culture.

So, whether you’re a fervent supporter or a skeptical critic, Stardawg’s story is far from over.

Thank you for joining us on this exploration of Stardawg in Northern Ireland. Until next time, may your tokes be smooth, and your trichomes sparkle like the stars that inspired its name.

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