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Oh Taquitos, They Makes Me Happy – They Take My Money!

Last week, I was in town to get a new pair of glasses from Specsavers. While I was dandering about, I noticed a new tortilla place, time to get something to munch.

I joined the queue, but after standing there for a few minutes and seeing the size of burrito the guy a few spots ahead of me got handed, I had a change of heart. I turned on my heels and headed out. I remembered that Boojum always served a quare portion, so I made my way back there, conveniently located next to Specsavers. The queue was right and long, but it moved brave and quick.

When I reached the counter, spoke with teh staff who were great at getting my burrito bowl together. I also asked for a Mexican cola, and the girl behind the counter inquired whether I wanted it open or closed (whether I was dining in or taking away). With anticipation building, I reached into my pocket to pay, mouth watering picturing getting stuck in to the generously filled burrito bowl topped with that aul hot sauce stuff.

Anyway, to my surprise, the girl said, “Oh, we only accept card payments.” I stood there, holding a fresh, score note, feeling a wee bit daft. I thought ‘feck they’ll accept it since my order was already in sorted and the cola was open. Yet, after consulting with another staff member, who seemed to hold a more senior position, I was met with a disappointing shake of the head. Feeling scundered, I left the establishment and remembered the wee Taquitos food truck, which had always done lovely grub anyhow.

I dandered over and down through the wee subway checking out the graffiti on my way over to Taquitos food truck near the Big Fish. The first thing I asked was, “What’s the world coming to?” Then I inquired if they accepted cash, and to my relief, they assured me that they did. “You’ll do me,” I replied, appreciating the straightforward transaction.

I got a bif of craic as ya always do then headed over to the benches to enjoy my burrito bowl filled with beef, chicken, pork, and all the fixings, generously doused in hot sauce. As I savored each bite, I couldn’t help but wonder why I had ever stopped going to Taquitos and why I had ventured to other places like Boojum. It was amazing, every bite was something special. Fair play to Gary, Joe and the team.

Later, I came across news article about a café owner in Northern Ireland who offered a free hot drink to customers paying with cash rather than through digital methods like phones or watches. It turns out that it’s more cost-effective for him to provide a complimentary coffee than to process payments through a gateway. This approach also contributes to keeping money within the local economy, rather than enriching a large corporation.

In a world dominated by digital transactions, my experience at Taquitos and the café owner’s initiative serve as a reminder that the value of a simple cash transaction goes beyond convenience. It’s about supporting local businesses, preserving tradition, and fostering a sense of community, all while savoring the authentic flavors that make our taste buds dance.