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High: The True Tale of American Marijuana (2008)

HIGH: The True Tale Of American Marijuana is a documentary that covers the war on drugs and its causes, effects, and victims in the United States and around the world. It includes a violent drug treatment program called Straight Inc. that tortured children and corrupted families, all in the name of a cult image about the evils of drugs and homosexuality. The program was founded by a man who climbed the political ladder and now holds a position of power and influence in Washington.

There’s the overbearing drug czar that doesn’t care for the people he hurts in his quest to rid the world of narcotics, even if it means destroying lives and lying to the American people.

And perhaps most horribly, the stories of patients who are being denied the medications they need to survive, doctors being prosecuted for trying to help them, and an uncaring drug agency that wants nothing more than to take down as many people as possible,casualties be damned.

At the center of it is a plant that’s been hanging around for over twelve thousand years,and fuels the unfair practices of today.

Watch the full documentary here


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