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What Is CBD Cream and How to Use It

CBD is all the rage these days: According to surveys, as many as 1 in 3 American adults have tried the product. This is an exceptionally high number, one driven by the potential positive benefits and exceptional flexibility of the product. 

Approved Uses of CBD

To be clear, CBD has been approved for only one medicinal use, and that is to treat two specific types of seizure disorders in children. No form of CBD cream is currently approved by the United States Food & Drug Administration for medical use. However, there is some scientific evidence that indicates that CBD has the potential to provide relief for some kinds of physical issues and that CBD cream may be able to play a role in this process.

What is CBD Cream

CBD creams are a form of CBD that has been mixed with a variety of types of oils, water, and scents to create a thick topical. This topical can then be rubbed into the skin, where it may be able to help you with numerous issues, including pain reduction, swelling reduction, and skincare.

CBD Cream for Pain Relief

When used topically, CBD may be able to provide pain relief. For example, a 2018 scientific review examined available evidence for CBD’s pain reduction properties and found that available evidence did support such a notion. A study in rats with arthritis found that, when given CBD, rats showed decreased swelling, increased mobility, and decreased signs of pain. CBD’s potential pain-reduction abilities have also been found to positively impact people who are suffering from pain related to cancer treatment and the negative impacts of multiple sclerosis spasticity. All of these positive results can be achieved via the use of topical CBD cream.

How to Use CBD Cream

CBD cream should be used by applying, topically, to the area of pain in question, then massaging it into the skin. Keep in mind that CBD cream will take the longest to work of the various methods of CBD, as it has to travel through the skin before reaching your muscles and bloodstream. As such, it can take up to a couple of hours to use.

Furthermore, make sure to always talk with your doctor or medical professional before starting CBD, just like you would before starting any other supplement. There are some concerns about drug interactions and CBD, and your doctor should know whether or not you are on any type of medication that can create a negative interaction for you. 

Dosing CBD Cream

Remember, when it comes to using CBD cream, start by using the recommended dosage on the package. This will help to ease you into CBD use. The good news is that it is impossible to overdose on CBD, but there are some negative side effects associated with its use (although that is mostly true for edibles and oils). As such, start by using the recommended dosage, and gradually increase the amount until you achieve the desired effect. 

More research is needed, but it does seem as if CBD cream has the potential to help people with a variety of issues, including pain and swelling reduction.

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