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Hemp Guru Jack Herer’s Condition Critical But Stable

Jack Herer is the author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” the best-selling cult classic that ignited the Hemp Revolution worldwide.

(SALEM, Ore.) – As of this morning there was little change in his condition. He has not awakened, and is in stable but critical condition. On this, the seventh day since Jack Herer was struck down by a heart attack, he is still fighting for his life, but he’s not fighting it alone.

His friends, family and followers number in the tens of thousands, and they’re all holding strong that Jack will be back.

Jack has long been an advocate of the healing properties of the hemp plant. Last year, Jack told me that this miracle cure had changed his life. He showed me his legs, which had multiple small scars due to Diabetes. Hemp oil had healed his wounds.

The medicinal properties of hemp are not unknown, but in the United States, this discussion has been somewhat limited to “preaching to the choir”, as the FDA has no interest in researching the plant.

Jack knows this all too well, and had delivered a passionate speech minutes before he fell ill, accentuating his belief in the power of the plant.

“We ask for every one to focus their energies toward spiritually connecting with Jack and telling him it’s time to wake up,” another friend said. “He’s got a lot of things he’s in the middle of, and we need him to wake up today, even for a brief moment, to show his loved ones that he’s healing, and continuing to fight.”

“If we all put our positive power toward this, of envisioning him well, it will happen.”

Jack Herer is scheduled to go on a European tour with Rick Simpson, beginning in Prague, Czechoslovakia in November. Rick is from Nova Scotia, Canada, and alleges to be curing cancer with concentrated cannabis hemp oil (watch his video: “Run from the Cure”). Jack Herer did his research, used the oil himself, and gave it the thumbs up.

Last Saturday he told Dr. Leveque, “I haven’t felt this good in years,” and told his assistant Joy that he “felt like walking without help,” another indicator that he was feeling well before his heart attack. He has been using Rick Simpson’s oil for seventeen months.

Jack has looked forward to the world tour, as well as finishing the newest edition of “The Emperor”, creating a hemp museum, and many other projects.

“We still need him here,” says Seeva, another long time friend. “Please pray in unison with us, for Jack to wake up.

NOTE: To help with financial expenses, donations are accepted at all US Bank branches, make your deposit to: JACK HERER DONATION FUND. For more information, email

Bonnie King