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Howard Marks Has Passed Away

Howard Marks Mr Nice
Toke In Paradise Dude 1946 – 2016

The legendary cannabis smuggler Howard Marks aka Mr Nice has passed away at the age of 70

The first time I ever heard of Howard Marks was back in the 90s when I was a teenager, my Da of all people recommended Howard’s autobiography ‘Mr Nice’. I then stumbled across his website while browsing the internet in the computer room at secondary school. The website had a great wee cannabis smuggling game that I spent ages playing.

If you’ve not read the book, you should, and the recently published ‘Last Pill & Testament’ about Howard’s time in the ecstasy trade. You should also watch ‘A smugglers Diary‘ to get an insight into the man behind the legend. I’m looking forward to watching the new autobiographical documentary.

I was lucky enough have a wee smoke with Howard once and he was indeed the charismatic gentleman that I’d heard him described as many a times. I was star struck, I don’t even go in for all the celebrity guff but I’d looked up to this guy for years, I was lost for words but he put me at ease with that calming Welsh voice of his. The girl in our company was wooing after him ha ha, she had the poor man tortured.

Howard Marks will always be a part of cannabis culture for me, as I’m sure he will be for many. My thoughts are with Howards family & friends at this time.