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Cannabis Social Clubs: A Healthy Option

Due to the prohibition of cannabis, millions of consumers and their surroundings are permanently exposed to health and safety risks. It is impossible to carry out an effective policy of protection to minors and prevention of problematic use.

In mainland Europe however, there exists a system for the production and distribution of cannabis that will lessen problems and lower policing costs. A system that enables cannabis to be used in a responsible way. Where authorities can monitor the entire process from cultivation to consumption.

 This is the Cannabis Social Club.

Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) are non-profit associations of adult citizens. They organise -within a closed group – the production of a limited amount of cannabis to satisfy their own personal needs.

They are not allowed to sell their cannabis to others or share it with minors.

CSC’s can be established in various forms, depending on the legal margins that national governments allow within the international treaties on drugs.

According to the European Convention on Human Rights, European citizens have the right to form an association that protects their interests. When their activities pose no threat to public health or public order, authorities have no right to interfere.

In a CSC, cultivation of cannabis takes place according to health and safety standards. This means minimal use of chemicals, no electricity theft and reduced fire-risks.

Distribution takes place within an effective policy of prevention of irresponsible and problematic use.

A Cannabis Social Club presents a healthy option to diminish the role of criminal organisations in the cannabis market. It reduces risks such as adulteration with toxic products such as solvents and glass.

At present, CSC’s are effectively operating in Spain with the consent of legal authorities. In other countries, initiatives are being taken to establish such a model.

If you wish to promote the establishment of a Cannabis Social Club in your area, please contact us.

The war on drugs must end. Help us to declare peace.

Support ENCOD.

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