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Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow 1, 2 & 3

Jorge Cervantes’ Ultimate Grow Part 1 Disc One, Ultimate Grow: Indoor Marijuana Horticulture gets you started with a complete overview of the plant and its life cycle, plus detailed chapters on building an efficient grow room, germinating with seeds or taking clones, vegetative growth, flowering, harvesting and curing. You’ll also learn how to tackle pests and diseases, and how to keep your grow room safe, secret and secure. The entire disc was shot on location in Vancouver, Canada.

Jorge Cervantes’ Ultimate Grow Part 2 Disc Two, Ultimate Grow: Hydroponic Cannabis Indoors & Organic Marijuana Outdoors features Jorge on a magical tour of the best gardens in his home country of Spain. Learn to mix your own soil, plant and maintain a marijuana garden outdoors in various climates, grow a guerrilla garden hidden in the woods, explore the science of hydroponic cultivation, and get the best of both worlds in a greenhouse.

Jorge Cervantes’ Ultimate Grow Part 3 Disc Three features never before seen garden tours and growing tips, hilarious outtakes, tips on building a wheelchair accessible garden, a biography of Jorge Cervantes and Jorge’s definitive Guide to Amsterdam. The collector’s edition Box Set also comes with a beautiful, full color 48-page booklet that includes the behind-the-scenes story of these informative DVDs, plus a selection of Jorge’s best articles for HIGH TIMES magazine.