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UK cannabis petition has over 200,000 signatures


Last updated 19/08/15: A petition calling for cannabis to be legalised in the United Kingdom has now amassed over 200,000 signatures, furthering its chances of receiving a serious consideration in Parliament.

Citing financial, employment and policing benefits, the petition hit 100,000 signees on Saturday (25th July 2015), ensuring it would be considered for the House of Commons.

The petitioners have been waiting for a debate date for two days, but will have to wait a good while longer.

It will be considered for debate at a Petitions Committee meeting in September, with the body saying that petitions with over 100,000 signatures are “almost always” debated.

An official response from the government is expected much sooner. Reports Christopher Hooton at the

Updated image 19/08/15
uk cannabis petition reaches 200,000Image from 27/07/2015

uk cannabis petition

Please sign if you’ve not already. Also please encourage friends and family to sign it as well.  UK Cannabis Petition

6 Responses to "UK cannabis petition has over 200,000 signatures"

  1. Keep getting people to sign the petition.

    If this tops a million, that alone would be a great headline.

      1. Yeah that’ll happen. You tell a friend who tells a friend who tells a friend and then your boss is pulling you into his office on Monday morning for seemingly no reason and then the sample bottle comes out.

        There’s a reason I’m a pseudonym and a cat face 😛

  2. Thinkin bout getting a clipboard and going into town and getting peoples emails and all they have to do is verify it, we do all the hard work for them, good way of boosting for those who are unaware of the petition 🙂

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