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Run From The Cure – The Rick Simpson Story

After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil.

When Rick discovered that the hemp oil (with its high concentration of T.H.C.) cured cancers and other illnesses, he tried to share it with as many people as he could free of charge. When the story went public, the long arm of the law snatched the medicine – leaving potentially thousands of people without their cancer treatments – and leaving Rick with unconsitutional charges of possessing and trafficking marijuana! Rick Simpsons Website

How Rick Simpson Makes Cannabis Oil

Interview with Rick Simpson – Run from the cure

A written interview with Rick Simpson, May 2009 with questions from Jindrich Bayer and Milan Romsy

Would you please describe how you came to discover the cure for cancer?

I am just one of many who have found a way to cure cancer. A radio broadcast told me that T.H.C. (tetrahydracannabinol) kills cancer so I do not claim that it was me who found the cure. I may be the first to have people ingesting hemp oil and applying it topically to treat their cancers but I do not feel that it was really me who found the cure. What I did do was find the proper way to use this wonderful medicine.

How did you get to it?

In 1972 I watched my 25 year-old cousin die a horrible death from cancer. About three years later I heard a report on our local radio station CKDH in Amherst, Nova Scotia. The announcer was laughing like a fool when he gave the report so I did not know whether or not to take the report seriously. He stated that T.H.C. (the active substance in marijuana) has been found to kill cancer cells. After this report I heard nothing more on this subject so I assumed that it must have been some kind of joke. Many years later I found out that the report was true and it was from the Medical School of Virginia study done in 1974.

In 1997 I suffered a head injury that left me with Post Concussion Syndrome. The chemicals the medical system gave me did nothing for my condition but make me worse with the side effects. Then, in 1998, I saw an episode of The Nature of Things entitled “Reefer Madness II”. Dr. David Suzuki interviewed people who were smoking hemp for their medical conditions; the results were amazing. After watching the show I purchased some hemp to see if it would help my condition. Post Concussion Syndrome can affect people in different ways; some wind up with severe migraines… in my case I wound up with what can only be termed as migraine noise. It’s like having a tuning fork gone mad in your head that you cannot silence. If this condition persists the noise takes over your life and you get very little rest. When I smoked hemp for my condition it relaxed me and allowed me to get more sleep. When I smoked hemp it did not take the noise in my head away but it did make the condition easier to live with.

I asked many doctors for a prescription for hemp but was refused. They would use excuses like it is still under study and hemp is bad for the lungs or some other such nonsense.

About 1999 I asked my family doctor what he thought about me making the essential oil from the hemp plant and ingesting it as a medication as opposed to smoking it. My doctor said that ingesting the oil would be much more medicinal but still would not provide me with a prescription.

By 2002 the medical system had written me off. I was told by my doctor that they had tried every medication at their disposal but none of them helped me so I was on my own. The doctor knew very well that the only medication that helped me was hemp. He also knew that I would be classified as a criminal if I was caught using hemp for my condition, but still he would provide no prescription. Can you imagine, I had worked for 32 years and had never had a drug charge in my life? Now due to my need for this medication for my condition, suddenly I am now a criminal because they would not give me the legal right to use this medicine. Needless to say, all of this left a very bad taste in my mouth.

You said it had cured your skin cancer in no time – how many days did it take? Did it come back? Does it usually come back?

In late 2002 my doctor examined three areas on my body which he suspected were skin cancer. One was close to my right eye, another was on my left cheek, and there was another area on my chest. In January 2003 I went in to have the cancer close to my right eye removed. I was to go in at a later date and have the other two areas taken care of. About a week after the surgery I was examining the area where they had removed the cancer, when suddenly the report I had heard on the radio years before popped back into my mind. The report had stated that THC kills cancer cells. I knew the oil that I produced was full of THC so I thought why not put some oil on the other two cancers and see what happens. I applied the oil and covered it with a bandage and left it in place for four days. During this time I felt nothing so I assumed that the oil was not working. Imagine my surprise after removing the bandages and seeing nothing but pink skin – the cancer was gone! Within seven weeks the cancers close to my right eye that they had removed surgically returned. I applied the oil and a bandage to this area and in four days it too was completely healed. I performed these treatments on myself in the winter of 2003. I have never applied oil to these areas again and the cancer has never returned.


How to proceed then? Is there a protocol for the treatment?

There is a protocol, and it should be followed to ensure that the treatment is effective. Small amounts of oil can be used to treat skin cancer or the oil can be vaporized and inhaled directly in the lungs to treat lung conditions in addition to ingesting.

To treat internal cancers the oil must be ingested. I usually start people out with three or four doses a day, about the size of half a grain of dry rice. The only time I would suggest that people start with a heavier dose would be if there was a lot of pain involved with their condition.

Often times many of these folks are already addicted to dangerous and deadly pain medications. The object in such cases is to get these people off these dangerous drugs and to replace them with hemp oil to ease their pain.

I suggest that about every four days the dosage be increased slowly until the patient has worked their way to taking a gram a day. At this point most people continue taking a gram a day until they are cured. In more than one case I have seen people take the full 60 gram treatment and cure their cancer in a month.

How is hemp oil usually tolerated?

We all have different tolerances for different medications so I encourage people to stay in their own comfort zone when dosing themselves with the oil. Most people’s tolerances build very quickly and on average the normal person usually takes about 90 days to ingest the 60 gram treatment. 60 grams seems to be able to cure most cancers but people who have suffered extensive damage from chemo and radiation may require more to undo the damage the medical system has left behind. For some external skin conditions, etc, where full strength oil is not required, the oil can be mixed with skin creams and salves. Mixing hemp oil with facial creams does wonders for the complexion if you give yourself a facial with it.

We know from my experience with hemp salves that hemp is basically a cure-all. Can you confirm this?

History calls hemp a panacea, which means cure all. From my experience, seeing hemp oil used for various medical conditions, I too call hemp a cure all. Hemp is useful in the treatment of practically any disease or condition; it promotes full-body healing. From our experience the oil is very beneficial for most skin conditions; it can be mixed with skin creams or even suntan lotion. Wouldn’t it be nice to go out in the sun and not have to worry about skin cancer?

What is hemp oil good for?

The oil seems to be effective for all types of skin cancers, and the same holds true for internal cancers.

Which types of cancer is this best for? Are you aware of any types that this will not help with?

Hemp oil seems to work on all types of cancer and I am not aware of any type of cancer that it would not be effective for. I have heard about a study that claims that THC can cause a certain type of cancer; I can only say that this study must be flawed. Put simply, cancer is just mutating cells, THC kills mutating cells. So how can THC produce the very cells that it is so good at killing? If you are looking for treatments that can cause cancer, look no further than chemo and radiation; both of these so-called “treatments” are very carcinogenic. In other words they can and do cause cancer. Even a CT scan exposes the body to a massive dose of radiation. Radiation causes cells to mutate, and that is what cancer is… mutating cells.

When people come to me with cancer of course I recommend the oil, but along with hemp oil I also suggest that they change their diets. Protein from fruits and vegetables fight cancer. Animal protein promotes cancer. So it is best to stay away from animal protein. I also suggest mega-doses of vitamins, especially vitamin C; this is known as Gerson therapy, and I am a total believer in it. Also there are many other natural things a person can do to fight cancer. Bringing the body’s Ph up is very beneficial. Also I have heard good reports about wheat grass being effective for cancer. I am also convinced that B17 can be very beneficial for cancer sufferers. Every day I eat the seeds from two apples. Like apricots, apple seeds contain B17, also known as laetrile. B17 in its own right has a good track record with cancer. Many people whom I provided the oil to did not change their diets or anything else but were still cured with the oil. From my point of view, anyone with cancer should be doing everything they possibly can to optimize their chance of survival. So by all means, take hemp oil for your cancer, but do not ignore other natural beneficial treatments.

What is the success rate for cancer patients?

Cancer can be reversed in roughly 4 out of 5 people who have been badly damaged by the medical system; if they are willing to take the treatment properly. However, there is about 1 in 5 who has been so badly damaged that no matter what you do you cannot save them.

Even if you can cure the cancer, in the end the damage from the chemo and radiation will kill them. These people are not dying from cancer; they are dying from the so-called “medical treatments” they receive from the medical system.

How many people that you know of have cured themselves with the oil? Have you ever failed to cure someone (because it did not work for him/her)?

I have provided the oil to well over 1,500 people over the last six years. Due to the illegal status of hemp oil I do not keep records but it is safe to say I have seen hundreds of people cured with external and internal cancers.

When people come to me with a diagnoses of cancer and they have refused to take chemotherapy or radiation it is almost a given that they can be cured, unless they wait until they are at death’s door to take the treatment. We had one gentleman about three years ago who was in the hospital and was given 24 hours to live. The doctors refused to give him the oil, so his son did it. The very next day this man discharged himself from the hospital, went home and stayed on the oil.

About fourteen months later this 83 year-old veteran did die, but not from lung cancer; he died from a pre-existing heart condition that he had for years. During the fourteen extra months that he had lived, he enjoyed a good quality of life and he had died in his sleep with no pain. Isn’t that better than dying in a hospital, drowning in your own fluid from lung cancer? I tell everyone that comes to me one thing… the oil will either save your life or it will ease your way out. If you do die, you will die with dignity and not full of such drugs as morphine.

Are some people more difficult to cure than others?

People who are the hardest to cure are the ones who have allowed themselves to be severely damaged by the medical system.

Chemotherapy and radiation are both carcinogenic treatments, in other words they cause cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation can reduce the size of a tumor, but in the end usually all such treatments do is spread the cancer.

Which types of cancer is hemp oil good for?

From my experience the oil seems to work on all types of cancer, but I have had a few people who got the treatment and then refused to take it. They returned the treatment and I saw that their money was returned. I cannot explain such people other than to say that it seems these folks are unwilling to break with the medical system. There have only been four or five who have done this and as far as I know in the end these people died.

How many people have cured skin cancer using your hemp oil?

I have provided the oil to hundreds of people with skin cancers. Usually within three weeks the cancer is gone. I tell people to treat their skin cancers with the oil until there is nothing but pink skin and then continue the treatment for two more weeks just as if the cancer is still there. I suggest that they do this in case there are cancer cells left that the original treatment did not kill. No one has ever reported back to me that their skin cancers returned if they did what I suggested.

Can you compare this treatment to standard procedures?

There is no comparison between treating skin cancers with hemp oil and what the medical system does. Sometimes their surgery is successful and they do get all the cancer cells… but in far too many cases people return over and over to be sliced and diced. The medical system also uses other treatments for skin cancers such as liquid nitrogen. This treatment is painful and in many, many cases the cancers just come back. When hemp oil is used to treat skin cancer it kills only the mutating cancer cells and does no harm to healthy cells.

Would you describe how THC acts on cancer vs. healthy cells?

When hemp oil is ingested as a cancer medication, the THC in the oil causes a build up of a fat molecule called ceramide. Again, when ceramide comes in contact with cancer cells it causes programmed cell death of the cancer cells while doing no harm to healthy cells.


Diabetics that have just been diagnosed are usually easy to cure. People who have had diabetes for a long time and have suffered the effect of the disease for years will take longer. Even in badly damaged people, if the oil is taken properly usually within six weeks they no longer need insulin. The damage this disease can cause within our bodies takes considerably longer to heal. The oil seems to have the ability to rejuvenate the pancreas quite rapidly. I always tell people to try to get off the chemical medications they are using for other conditions, since such chemicals can impede the oil treatment’s effectiveness. We have found the oil to be effective on all types of diabetes and if the oil is used externally it will heal diabetic ulcers in a very short time.

Diabetes in its early stages seems to be very easy to cure. Even people who have been on insulin injections for years respond well to the hemp oil treatment. It is not unusual for such people to no longer require insulin after just a few weeks on the oil. From our experience hemp oil has the ability to rejuvenate the pancreas, therefore reducing a patient’s need for insulin until insulin is no longer required. After taking the oil treatment many diabetics who have been on restricted diets for years behave like a kid in a candy store. Suddenly they can again eat everything that a diabetic could not. Hemp oil can reverse damage that has been done to the bodies of diabetics such as bad circulation, etc, as time goes on. The oil will also heal diabetic ulcers and from our experience hemp oil is effective for all types of diabetes.


It goes without saying, if the oil can heal diabetic ulcers then most infections on the whole present little problem.


Arthritis is inflammation accompanied by swelling and pain. Relieving inflammation is one of hemp’s oldest medicinal uses. Many strains of hemp produce oil that is very effective for arthritis. Unlike synthetic THC the oil also contains other compounds such as CBG, and CBD, which have better properties to fight inflammation than synthetic THC alone.


If you have the proper strains to make the oil from, there is nothing better for chronic pain relief than hemp oil. The medical system gives chronic pain sufferers dangerous, addictive, and harmful medications to control their pain. Essentially all these medications do is mask the pain, with no healing effect. When you are taking hemp oil for chronic pain it not only reduces the pain, it actually goes to work trying to heal the cause of your suffering. For anyone suffering from chronic pain, hemp oil is by far the best treatment since it is non-addictive and does no harm to the rest of your body.

I have seen hemp oil relieve pain from bone cancer that morphine had no effect on. I have provided hemp oil to many people with chronic pain and some of the results have been amazing. It is not unusual to receive reports from people within days telling me that they are no longer in pain. Hemp oil has the ability to eliminate pain, but it also goes to work healing the problem that is causing the pain.

Pharmaceuticals do nothing to heal the underlying cause of pain, they simply mask the pain. Realistically, there is no comparison between hemp oil and pharmaceuticals; most pain medications supplied by our medical system are dangerous, addictive, and deadly, while hemp oil presents no addiction or danger to the patient.


I know from personal experience that there is no better treatment for severe burns than hemp oil. If oil is applied to a burn within minutes it takes the pain away and greatly accelerates the healing process. I have seen severe third degree burns healed completely in eleven days with no scarring. If hospitals would use hemp oil in their burn units, human suffering could be greatly reduced.


Ulcers within the body can be cured by ingesting the oil. Unhealthy ulcers, warts and moles on the body can be removed by simply applying oil and covering with a bandage. The oil goes after unhealthy or mutating cells and destroys them painlessly in most cases.


Many people have found the oil very effective in reducing the frequency of their migraine headaches, and in many cases eliminating migraines completely.


Even smoking pot is beneficial for many asthma sufferers, but ingesting the oil or vaporizing it is a much more effective and medicinal way to treat asthma.


I think anxiety and paranoia with the use of this medicine could be greatly reduced if the system would just stop arresting people for using it. When beginning treatment with the oil, I tell people, “If the oil is making you sleepy, don’t fight it.” Some people can become anxious while trying to overcome the relaxing effect of this medication. Many strains of hemp have a very low potential to cause anxiety, but some strains do. In such cases I advise people to make the medicine from a strain that will cause less anxiety.

If this medicine were legal, it would take away much of the anxiety associated with its use. Also some strains can produce more anxiety than others, so if you are experiencing anxiety simply switching strains could eliminate the problem.


I have found both sativa and indica strains to be effective in the treatment of depression. I seldom use sativa strains for treating people due to their energizing effects. Most people who come to me have a serious illness and I don’t want them energized during the healing process. I find the sleep and rest that a good indica provides to be the most beneficial for the majority of medical conditions.


As for insomnia there is nothing better than properly made oil from a good indica strain to give a person the sleep they require.

The effects of my head injury left me with what can best be described as a loud high pitched tuning fork inside my head. This very high pitched sound made it impossible for me to sleep. The medical system gave me many medications for this condition but nothing worked, and often I was left with terrible side effects that worsened my condition. I found that just smoking hemp allowed me to get more rest than any of the pills the system gave me. When I started ingesting hemp oil I received even more relief and it is not unusual for me to obtain 8 to 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. For years before taking the oil I would get up more tired than when I had gone to bed. Now all of a sudden after taking the oil I wake up in the morning well rested and refreshed. There is nothing better than hemp oil to give a person a good night’s sleep.


I have seen burns healed that should have left horrible scars leave nothing but pink healthy skin with the use of hemp oil. Throughout history, hemp has had a reputation for healing wounds and leaving little or no scarring. I have supplied the oil to many people who had bad complexions and scarring problems on their faces, after treatment with the oil the improvement in their complexions was astounding.


A great number of people who have taken the oil have reported improvements in the functioning of many vital organs. From our experience it seems that hemp oil can rejuvenate many organs within our bodies. We have seen kidney, lung, liver, pancreas functions, etc, greatly improve; indeed, we have even seen improvements in brain function in Alzheimer’s patients, etc.


Hemp oil is a great detoxifier and it is not unusual for people who are overweight to lose many pounds during their treatment. It’s almost as if the oil knows what you should weigh. In my own case, the oil took about 30 pounds off of me, but I have seen people lose much more weight. When you are taking hemp oil it is not like being on a diet; you can eat as much as you want to. The oil seems to curb an overweight person’s appetite and I know of no better or safer way to lose weight. In many cases the oil can stimulate the appetite of a person who needs to gain weight. It’s just as I said, the oil wants to bring your body back to a healthy weight.

Do you mean it seriously that it can take off excess weight without exercise?

Hemp oil can take weight off without exercise and I am living proof. If I take my shirt off I look like someone who has worked out a great deal. When I was younger I did a lot of swimming, now since losing the weight you can see all of my stomach muscles again. I don’t even have love handles, just a band of muscle on each side and I don’t do any exercises.


If you treat leukemia with hemp oil it often produces very dramatic results quickly. Leukemia, from my experience with hemp oil, is one of the fastest cancers to cure. The first place the THC goes after entering the body is into the bloodstream. If cancer is present in the bloodstream it won’t be present for long.


I know no better treatment for psoriasis than hemp oil. Psoriasis comes from within the body and can be corrected by ingesting the oil. For psoriasis sufferers I provide oil to ingest, also I often supply a cannabis tincture to treat their psoriasis externally. I have seen many people get great results who have only used the oil or tincture topically for their psoriasis. For some people with less severe psoriasis, just a few applications of hemp oil topically will heal them, and quite often the psoriasis does not return.


In a video on Youtube, a guy describes his positive experience with alleviating the symptoms of AIDS. Could you tell us more about that? Shawn who has the video on Youtube has suffered from AIDS for twenty years. Shawn started ingesting the oil for his AIDS after listening to me speak on Jack Herer’s internet show. Within a month Shawn reduced his intake of pharmaceutical medications from thirty-six pills a day to ten pills a day. Currently, Shawn is only ingesting the oil and he is off all the pills. Shawn now carries a zero viral load and if this continues the system will have to declare that his AIDS is cured.


What are the experiences with curing multiple sclerosis? People here already know that hemp can help, but do not know how to use it…

Recently we received a report from a lady suffering with MS, who ingested two ounces of high grade hemp oil a year ago for her condition, the effect of the oil treatment was very successful, and even though she has ingested no oil over the last year… she remains in good health. From my experience Multiple Sclerosis is curable, but for people who have suffered for years with this condition it will take time to undo the damage this disease has caused. Many MS sufferers smoke hemp for relief but it will not cure them. The only way I know to cure MS and the damage associated with this disease is to ingest the oil on a regular basis until it is cured.

AUTISM, MENTAL DISORDERS Has anyone tried hemp oil for autism or other mental diseases?

I have no experience with autism, but I think hemp oil would be very effective in treating this condition. I know people who have given their children hemp oil for ADHD with great success. The standard treatment for ADHD involves chemical drugs like Ritalin. Now what would you like to see your child take, chemicals that can have unknown effects on the child for years… or hemp that is natural and does no harm? I have also supplied oil to people suffering from bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia with good results. In many of these cases the chemical drugs supplied by the system do more harm than good and often with the use of such drugs people can become suicidal. Overall, I would have to say that properly made hemp oil from the right strains is very beneficial for many mental disorders.


Glaucoma and its effects can be brought under control quite easily for most people as many hemp strains are effective in dramatically reducing ocular pressure. It is not uncommon for a person suffering from glaucoma that is using hemp oil to see a substantial improvement in their vision. Many people have to get their glasses changed because their old prescription glasses are now too strong.

Do you think it makes sense that doctors will not even mention cannabis even though it has been known to be effective since 1800s?

Again, hemp oil made from the right strains is a very effective glaucoma treatment and I know of nothing better or safer for reducing ocular pressure. The effect hemp has on ocular pressure has been known for decades, yet the medical system tries to avoid even discussing hemp’s use for glaucoma. Unfortunately, it seems that many doctors today are more about money than they are about healing. I cannot explain how an eye doctor can sit there and watch a patient slowly go blind and not tell the patient what hemp can do for their condition. Far too often patients go blind because they trusted these white-coated quacks.


Do you have any beneficial reports about hemp oil and heart conditions?

Certainly it can only be said that the heart is a vital organ and from our experience hemp oil can rejuvenate vital organs. Although I never tell people to stop taking their heart medications, many have with no detrimental effects. I feel that hemp oil’s effect on heart conditions requires more research, but from what we have seen hemp oil appears to be very beneficial for the heart.

Can it regulate blood pressure?

Hemp oil can regulate blood pressure, indeed I use it myself to regulate my own blood pressure. When commencing treatment with hemp oil I tell people to keep a close eye on their blood pressure. Many people who were using pharmaceuticals to control their blood pressure no longer require them upon commencing treatment with hemp oil. Since hemp oil reduces blood pressure anyone continuing to use their pharmaceutical blood pressure medications may find that the combination of the two will drive their blood pressure down too low. It is a good idea to avoid this situation and with the use of portable blood pressure testers available today this can easily be accomplished.

Can it help with other internal organ illnesses?

From what I have seen with the use of hemp oil, many internal organ illnesses can be controlled or cured with the use of this oil. When an internal organ is rejuvenated and healed it can once again resume its duties within our body.

HOW TO USE HEMP OIL? IS IT SAFE? Is it ever too late to start using the oil?

It’s never too late to start using the oil. Even people who have been badly damaged by the medical system still have a good chance of making a recovery. We had one gentleman with lung cancer who had been given twenty-four hours to live. Despite opposition, his son gave him a good dose of oil and he left the hospital the very next day. We have had great results even in people who had stage 4 lung cancers. I often provide the oil to people with lung cancer and also people suffering from leukemia. Often times these cancers can respond very dramatically to the oil treatment and it is not unusual for people to see improvements in their conditions daily.

I always encourage people to get the oil into them as quickly as possible. The idea is the faster they ingest the THC-laden oil into their bodies the quicker they can cure their cancer. The faster the oil is taken the better the chance of their survival. Most people can ingest the 60 gram treatment in about ninety days or less. I did have one man with an extremely low tolerance for the oil take seven months to ingest the sixty grams of oil; it did cure his terminal lymphoma, but I would have much preferred it if he could have taken the entire treatment more quickly. Luckily it is seldom that I run into someone with a low tolerance such as this man. I have seen people who have taken the whole treatment in a month and cured their terminal cancers.

Have you heard any negative criticism of hemp oil?

Recently I attended a meeting put on by NORML at Dalhousie University. This fool from NORML said that hemp is not a cure all, and that they had made the oil for a woman and it did not work. I asked him what they had done and he said that they had made a small amount of oil for her and they have heard nothing more from her. So I said to him, “You don’t know if it worked or not and since you obviously did not follow any protocol at all, how can you say it did not work? “ As far as I am concerned NORML is mostly just a pack of lawyers trying to fill their pockets by keeping hemp illegal; in other words they are bullshit artists.

Is it safe to use hemp oil?

The safety of this medicine is beyond belief. Even if a person overdoses badly there is no harm done to them once the effects of the oil wear off. The most common side effect we have noted with people ingesting hemp oil for their medical conditions is a great deal of rest and a smile on their faces.

Can hemp oil than be mixed with alcohol? Does it produce undesirable side effects?

I have seen many people who were getting very loud on alcohol calm right down after smoking a joint. There is little doubt that alcohol is one of the most destructive substances on this planet, but people will be people and many do like their liquor. From our experience it seems that hemp oil presents no danger to a drinker. Often heavy drinkers who have taken the hemp oil treatment for their medical problems, report that their thirst for alcohol has greatly diminished; some have even quit drinking entirely.

Do you get feedback from people after treatment?

In many cases people come for the treatment and I never hear from them again. This I think is due to the illegal nature of the medicine.

Often I receive calls from people looking for the treatment who know others who have used the oil for their cancer. Usually I ask the person the name of the people they know who cured their cancer using the oil.

Quite often the name rings a bell and that is how I find out that it worked for them. Also there are a good number of people who do stay in touch with me after the treatment. I find on average there is about 1 person in 10 who will scream about what cured them to high heaven, but the majority of people will keep quiet; I guess they wouldn’t want anyone to know that they cured their cancers with illegal hemp. (Perish the thought.)

What all can hemp oil replace?

From our experience it seems that the oil can replace practically all chemical medications that the medical system provides. Chemicals are not good for us, and the faster a person can get off these drugs, the better.

Back in the 1800s, every pharmaceutical company in America was making hemp medicines. The Emperor of Hemp Jack Herer suggests that 60-80% of all medications were then made of hemp. How come that hemp medicine disappeared?

There is no question that a great deal of medicine was made from the hemp plant right up into the early 1900’s. Many drug companies produced weak hemp medicines, but were afraid of this natural cure all because they could not patent it. Of course with farmers freely growing hemp everywhere in North America at the time, anyone could have stumbled onto the truth like I did. I think the drug companies of this era lived in fear that this could happen and they would be out of business. Drug companies and other big money interests definitely wanted hemp prohibited since this plant presented a real danger to their profit margins.

SYNTHETIC THC Some manufacturers already produce synthetic THC and claim that it can heal cancer, too…

Some drug companies produce synthetic THC and there are claims that it can cure cancer; I do not doubt this, but why use something synthetic when the natural substance can be made so readily available? There is only one reason to produce synthetic THC, and that is to gouge the public out of their money, and this the drug industry does with their patented, synthetic THC. As far as I am concerned the drug companies can keep their synthetic THC. From my understanding, synthetic THC is not effective for many people and it can also have undesirable side effects. Natural THC in hemp oil is by far superior to synthetic THC for treating any medical condition.

I see no point other than greed for anyone to produce synthetic THC in a laboratory.


Would hemp oil be safe for children? Rick Dwyer said in the movie that he sometimes cannot sleep when he imagines the suffering of little children in oncological units…

I consider hemp oil to be perfectly safe in the treatment of children with cancer and other diseases. I really do not know how doctors treating little children in oncology units can live with themselves. Do they not know the damage they are doing to these little ones with their radiation, chemo, and other harmful, poison chemicals? Anyone who has ever studied medicine knows the effects of such treatments; they are much more likely to produce death with these treatments rather than a cure.

How can hemp oil be used in disease prevention? Once again, would it also be safe for children?

I know of nothing better than hemp oil to prevent diseases. I consider hemp to be perfectly safe in the treatment of children. I have often stated that if children were given tiny doses of hemp oil diseases like diabetes, MS, cancer, and many others could be prevented from ever occurring. If minute doses of oil are given to children, THC and its associated cannabinoids will build up in their systems and prevent disease. I am not talking about getting the kiddies high; this is about providing children with a harmless, non-addictive medicine to prevent disease.

How to dose hemp oil for children?

As for doses, children are no different than adults; they all have different tolerances for this medication. To prevent diseases in children only miniscule doses would be required, so the chance of getting a child high would be very remote.


Could hemp help athletes/sportsmen?

Hemp would be very effective for athletes and sportsman, medicinally. Due to hemp’s anti-inflammatory properties and all its other wonderful healing effects, I can imagine nothing better for strained muscles or injuries than hemp oil.

Many people easily ingest twenty or thirty different chemicals every day… Can that be good for the body?

I have no idea why people who see the side effects of allopathic drugs in drug commercials would still take these medications. It seems that mindlessly many people will simply do as the doctor orders, and a good number of these same folks reject hemp medicine simply because of lies they have been told by our Government. No one dies from the use of hemp medicine; I wish I could say the same for what the doctors prescribe us.

Can you compare those side effects to those from chemical medications? You must have heard some comparisons…

There is no real comparison between the side effects of hemp oil and the chemicals the medical system provides. Chemical medications are liver-toxic, which means that such chemicals should not be in our bodies. With the use of chemical medications we expose ourselves to possible side effects that can be worse than what was originally being treated. Doctors have no idea what effects a build up of different chemical medications can have on our health. No two of us are the same, and different medications mixed together are nothing less than a chemical cocktail. I honestly think that in many cases Alzheimer’s and other diseases are often caused by the mixture of chemicals their doctors prescribed. As far as I am concerned there is no comparison between allopathic medicine and empiric medicine. Allopathic medicine is just a mixture of harmful chemicals that no one should be taking, empiric medicine – medicine from plants, has been used for thousands of years. The effectiveness and harmless nature of hemp oil makes the hemp plant “Queen of Empiric Medicine“.

Are there any side effects then?

The main side effects of hemp oil are health, happiness, and a good night’s sleep.


How many doctors have you treated and what did they have to say?

For the most part, doctors try to avoid me and the subject of hemp medicine if possible, but some patients who have come told me that their family doctors said that they should get in touch with me. Only one doctor in Canada has ever contacted me directly, and that was concerning a patient with terminal prostate cancer; this doctor told me that he would like to keep me informed as to the patient’s progress during the treatment. I have never heard another word from this doctor, but three months later the patient who was taking the oil called me and told me the doctor said he was cancer-free. One would think that doctors would be very excited about a cure for this dreaded disease; but this does not seem to be the case.

Dozens of Canadian doctors have seen patients with cancer and other conditions – cured – using hemp oil, but they say nothing. The problem with hemp medicine is that it exposes everything the medical system has been doing to the public.

If you came to me and I gave you poison to treat your cancer that would be attempted murder. If you took that poison and it killed you, I would then be guilty of murder. But if a doctor gives you chemo and you die from the effects of it – that’s called “medicine”. Any doctor with a lick of common sense knows the danger such treatments present to the public, but still they continue to provide it. The vast majority of doctors today are more about money and position than they are about healing.

Every time a doctor administers chemo or radiation, etc, they are breaking their own Hippocratic Oath, and they know it. I am not saying that good doctors do not exist, but from my experience it can only be said that they are very rare, especially in Canada. A good number of doctors from foreign countries have contacted me about the medicine. Some of these doctors themselves had cancer or they wish to produce the oil for a patient. Due to the so-called illegal nature of this medicine, doctors who are using it tend to remain very quiet about what they are doing. Overall I have received very little feedback from these doctors, but three or four have contacted me back and told me the oil worked. I respect the work these doctors are doing and I understand why they have to proceed quietly. As far as I am concerned, such doctors are helping me build an irrefutable database which proves what this medicine can do. In the end these doctors will have much to do with bringing this medicine to the public, and for this they have my deepest thanks.


Does it make sense to not provide people with the most medicinal plant in the world?

It makes absolutely no sense to prohibit hemp’s medicinal use to the public. The only reason that hemp was ever prohibited is that hemp presents a real danger to many big money concerns; I mean, after all… aren’t their profit margins more important than our health? It seems at present governments are still willing to let their rich friends have their way; but in the end they will be unable to hold the truth about this medicine back. When hemp makes its return to mainstream medicine it will destroy all the corruption that ever stood against its medicinal use.