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Spanish judge acquits cannabis growers

The Judge in Penal Court 5 in Madrid has acquitted the members of an association of cannabis users from trafficking with the drug, given that he estimated in a closed circle there is no distribution in exchange for money.

That was how the judge exonerated Aurelio P.S, Álvaro R.P. and Daniel G.P. from a crime which has a two year prison sentence. The case is open for appeal.

The Prosecutor considered it a ‘mere cover-up of sellers and purchasers of marihuana’.

The Cataja Association of Cannabis Users was founded on December 10 2008, by a collective who wanted to study how the different varieties of the drug could be dangerous to health if sold on the black market.

The take part in the association, there are a series of regulations; you have to be nominated by a member and then the whole group take the decision. To stop people smoking the drug in private, they put a limit of two grams a day.

They now have a small plantation in Chinchón; Madrid, where they cultivate and dry the drug.


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