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Marijuana sting: Bees attack police destroying cannabis plot


Russian police met their match as they attempted to clear a cannabis plantation. They were sent fleeing from the scene by scores of angry bees. However, officers had the last laugh when they returned wearing protective gear to get rid of the weed.

The bees were located in hives in the middle of a small plot of cannabis, which the owner said had grown wildly, not far from the city of Kostroma, some 350km northwest of Moscow. Officers were stung repeatedly, but none suffered any allergic reactions.

“As part of an operation, the police arrived at the scene to see whether rumors that a large amount of cannabis was growing were true,” said law enforcement officer Valery Vekhov. “When we got to where the cannabis was growing, there were a number of beehives. When we tried to remove the cannabis plants, the bees started to attack us aggressively. We had to leave in order to get protective gear from the owner.”

 There were around 500 cannabis plants growing in the vicinity, up to a height of 2 meters, however the owner was adamant he was not doing anything illegal. When asked why he had not destroyed it, the owner said that he did not have enough time as he was busy attending to the bees. The plantation was eventually destroyed and the cannabis was taken away by the police. One policewoman who was part of operation received a nasty sting to her left cheek. Never the less she was still left with a broad smile on her face, as she was helped by local residents.

Police are now trying to learn whether the bees were specifically put within the hemp plot in order to guard it, in the event that someone would try and destroy it.

It is illegal to grow cannabis in Russia and if it is found that the owner willingly grew the plant, he could face up to eight years in jail.