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Famous Marijuana Smuggler Slams Legal Pot Investors

Canadian marijuana smuggler Brian O’Dea calls out legal cannabis investors over their responsibility to freeing people in prison for pot. In a recent DopeChef YouTube report he talks about giving a presentation to investors looking to score it big in Canada’s legal marijuana industry.

O’Dea told these weed investors point blank, “Everyone of you people sitting here today owe  your seats to people in orange suits – who are sitting in prison today. I have friends in prison today who are doing 75 years for a ton of non-existent pot. They’re looking out at these pinstripe suits making money on a product they’re in prison for.”

Originally from Newfoundland, O’Dea provided Canadians with grass by the tonnage. He bluntly said about people investing in the legal medical marijuana marketplace, “If they don’t do that then they are rotten people. It’s their responsibility now. If they want to get in the game they have a job to do and I’m going to shout it out.”

Besides investing in legal cannabis, the talented storyteller says investors are buying into the prison system. To earn profits, these prisons need prisoners. “Private prisons making money off the backs of incarcerated people. The state has to guarantee 95 percent occupancy for 25 years. How we can change anything.”

The former smuggler organized shipments in the 75 – 150 tonne range and involved 120 people. They even wore t-shirts with their pot smuggling logo on it, but the DEA caught up to him. He spent ten years in a US federal prison and is now employed in the Toronto film industry.

DopeChef captured his recent hour plus appearance at Conspiracy Culture to promote his novel  HIGH: Confessions of International Drug Smuggler, which has won an Arthur Ellis award for best crime non fiction.

Watch DopeChef video HIGH: Confessions of a Pot Smuggler

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By Matt Mernagh