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Best Cannabis Seeds for Outdoor Growing

Outdoor cultivation is one of the simplest methods of cannabis growing, as most of the hard work is done by nature itself.

Since outdoor seeds depend completely upon the weather conditions, you need to choose the strains very carefully. Few seeds, like Silver Haze can be very hard to deliver better results with few hours of natural light and in cold climate. The seeds should be cultivated in sunny, and areas covered by natural light.

sensi seeds outdoor seedsOverview
There are varieties of seeds to choose from; there are some specialized seeds, featuring top pest attack resistance and highest sun direct light absorption. They are specially designed for harsh and worst weather conditions. Most novice growers opt for indoors, thinking it brings higher yields, but experienced and most competent growers know the real difference in smell, taste, and effect when it comes to naturally and artificially grown cannabis buds. The element of best sensation, taste, and smoke are all great and real in natural air, sunlight, and fresh rain water.

How to Find the Right Strain?
Here are some selected collections of outdoor cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds

You need not wait for long period to flower, as strains finish early. These seeds are more resistant to mould and humidity. Choose the best quality seeds from this online site suitable for your climate. These are of highest quality that assures you a better yield during harvest.

Early Special
This indica-powered hybrid has early flowering period; when cultivated outside, the early auto flowering tendency makes it the perfect outdoor strain. It has vigorous flowering and growing phase that makes it resistant to moulds and other diseases. It can be grown indoors under natural lights and is mostly suitable for novice growers.

It has fruity, pungent, and smooth taste that’s very strong when puffed in. It shares some of its genetics with Siberian Ruderalis, Skunk, and Afghan seed. Though it can be cultivated well outdoor, it has no problem growing indoors; however, a healthy strong plant is observed in outside environment. Moreover, it doesn’t need too much of area, as it grows into medium height.

Original Highway Delight
Being one of the strongest and most recommended outdoor seeds, high quality Original Highway Delight can withstand moist weather and lower temperature very well that makes it the perfect choice for beginners.

Though it grows into a short plant, it produces wide leaves. This short and strong indica variety has physical high and is a cerebral buzz type. The THC level is about 10 to 15% and best month to harvest is September.

Early Bud
As the name suggests, it has early maturing and flowering period; it can offer strong high and smoother smokes. It turns purplish when it reaches the last stage of maturity. It has a spicy refreshing taste and can be grown in areas with limited space.

Early Misty
Sharing most of its genetics with white widow seed, Early Misty has the power to mature and flower early. Being a single and small stem plant, it grows well in outdoor climate. The THC content is nearly 15-20% and can withstand pest attacks, and resist low temperature.

These are few easy strains to grow outdoor cannabis seeds, and you can check out more options on Sensi Seeds.