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Cannabis courses open in Uruguay to control marijuana consumption

Uruguay’s National Cannabis Federation has launched special training courses on cultivation of the popular plant, local media reported. Some aficionados get involved for fun, while others enroll for purely medical reasons.

Fifty enthusiasts are currently studying the subject from A-Z, starting with the question of germination of cannabis seeds and ending with the difficulties of collecting and drying the flowers, their subsequent use, fertilization, and fighting pests that threaten crops. “It’s about learning to care for the plant, but also about the user’s own use,” said Efe Antonella, who has grown cannabis for three years and is responsible for one of the workshops, El Pais newspaper reported.

Doctors say plant extracts can successfully treat psoriasis and other skin-related problems. It’s believed that cannabis also helps those suffering from insomnia and lack of appetite.

“The main advantage of self-cultivation is that the consumer knows exactly what [he or she] is smoking, is aware of the process and know what products has taken him to the ground,” Antonella said.

The training course is meant to be one of the measures taken by the authorities to control the trafficking and consumption of marijuana.

In late December, despite an avalanche of global criticism, Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize the production and sale of the popular herbal drug. Under the new law, which comes into full effect in early April, Uruguayans will have several options to get access to it.

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