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New Strains at the Weed Seed Shop

On Tuesday September 24th 2013, Weed Seed Shop will introduce three new feminized strains on

The Weed Seed Shop range is enriched and extended with the arrival of Super Cheese , K -Train and Super Silver Cheese. These easy to grow cannabis seeds combine the positive qualities of Skunk and Cheese; Trainwreck and Kush; and finally, Cheese and Haze. The new cannabis strains are an exciting new option for both the grower and the end user.

weed seed shop cannabis seeds marijuana Cheese with a powerful bite
Feminized Super Cheese is an easy to grow, stable Skunk cross with the pervasive stoned effect of Cheese. The abundant yield this strain produces will be sure to satisfy discerning growers, and for consumers this pungent and powerful indica hybrid promises ultimate relaxation combined with a high propensity towards a severe case of the giggles. A must for all Cheese connoisseurs!

K -Train – India meets the USA
K -Train Feminized is a promising combination of Kush and Trainwreck . This new strain offers a powerful cross of indica strains from India with a high level sativa strain from America. K-Train Feminized generates a long-lasting high while being easy to grow, producing  strong , bushy plants. Benefitting from a short flowering period, the strain produces a high yield of bud smelling of sweet oranges and citrus fruit with an earthy undertone. What more could anyone ask for?

High Haze , relaxing Cheese
Feminized Super Silver Cheese results from the combination of Super Silver Haze and Cheese, resulting in a spiritual, ecstatic high combined with a relaxing body stone. The desirable balance between strong growth , moderate height gain and rewarding harvest should satisfy all growers while the characteristic aroma of Cheese, softened with chamomile and musky elements from the Haze parent, will certainly delight those lucky enough to try it.

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