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Pro-cannabis campaigners to hold protest in Eastrop Park, Basingstoke

A COMMUNITY of people who believe cannabis should be legalised are set to hold their first-ever protest picnic in Basingstoke – possibly putting them on a collision course with the police.

Hampshire Cannabis Community has organised the event in Eastrop Park on September 21 from 1pm to 6pm. The group has held similar protests in other areas, and is now coming to Basingstoke to make its views known.

A poster advertising the event says: “We want to prove that cannabis can be consumed safely, peacefully and responsibly in public without causing any harm to society.

cannabis smoke up picnic uk british“We want to demonstrate that cannabis is a safer alternative to more harmful but legal substances such as alcohol or tobacco.”

The event will include music, prizes, stalls, a raffle and education about cannabis. On the group’s website, it says the aim is to “prove that cannabis consumers are peaceful, harmless and responsible adults who do not deserve to be branded criminals for exercising what should be our rights.”

It adds: “By coming together to consume cannabis safely in a public environment, we will demonstrate that prohibition is causing more destruction to society than the plant itself ever could, and we will be calling for more education, awareness and careful consideration surrounding the urgent need for drug law reform in our country.”

By Emily Roberts
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