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Cannabis group rallies for national “Green” day

Cannabis campaigners from around the UK will gather to picnic in parks on Sunday, September 28th to bemoan 80 years of prohibition.

The laws punish the very people who they are meant to protect – those who use cannabis to their own benefit and do no harm to others.


legalise cannabis alliance u.k.The Legalise Cannabis Alliance is calling for campaigners and supporters to wear something green and go to their local parks on Sunday September 28th at 1PM – to  acknowledge and bemoan the 80th year of cannabis prohibition in the UK.

Ed Hayes, a spokesperson for the group said: “Although we are hoping that people will have an afternoon of fun on the grass and have a chance to meet each other and make friends
– the day is not one to celebrate at all.

“80 years of the ban on cannabis since the Dangerous Drugs Act, through the Misuse of Drugs Acts – blindly following International and often USA-led policies and treaties, to the present-day arguments over classification, prohibition has proved to be an unmitigated disaster for the people.

“Not only has it failed to reduce the harm from cannabis misuse, or illegal drug use generally, it has increased it.

“The laws punish the very people who they are meant to protect – those who use cannabis to their own benefit and do no harm to others.  It punishes harshly those who choose to grow their own for themselves and drives them to often unscrupulous and criminal drug dealers where contaminated cannabis is often sold alongside other drugs, at high prices, with all the profits going to the dealers.”

Dilys Wood who is based in Stoke-on-Trent and a spokesperson for the LCA  said: “Millions of decent UK citizens use cannabis medicinally or recreationally with no adverse effect to themselves or to society at large.

“Their rights have been ignored by successive governments for far too long and the current incumbents are about to make matters worse by reclassifying to Class B. We the people need to start making a stand and making our voices heard.

“National Green day is a fun way of showing support for cannabis legalisation. The list of parks is growing quickly and can be found on our forum and web pages.”

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