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Croatia to decriminalise possession of small amounts in 2013

From the start of 2013, those caught with small amounts of narcotic drugs for personal use in Croatia will no longer face criminal conviction. The criminal offence will be degraded to a minor offence. The new law is aimed at decriminalising possession of small amounts of drugs for personal use, but not its production, writes daily newspaper Jutarnji list.

croatia cannabis decriminalise possessionIn other words, growing just a few plants of Indian hemp for personal health needs remains a criminal offence, and those growing it still will risk facing a fine and up to three years in prison. A working group from the Ministry of Justice who suggested the law change about decriminalisation of possession of a small amount of drugs, has not proposed a precise regulation regarding the production of narcotic drugs for personal use for chronic health problems.

“We can not regulate criminal law, because it is not up to the Ministry of Justice to decide which substances, when it comes to medical purposes, should be prohibited, and which should not. The decision on whether a drug is a medicine or not is up to the Ministry of Health. Everything that is on the list of banned substances shall be punished in some way, “said Justice Minister Orsat Miljenic.

Source: croatiantimes.com

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