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Twas The Night Be 420 – King Marijuana

Twas The Night Be 420 by King Marijuana


Twas the night be 420 and all up in the house
Everybody was high, even the mouse!

The plants they were hung in the closet to dry,
In hopes that they soon could get people high

The stoners were chillin’ all snug in their beds
while visions of sticky buds danced in their heads.

Me in my sweats and my girl in her bra
had just popped the cap off a Stella Artois

When out in the yard there arose such a clatter
I heard someone yell “Yo Roll dat blunt Fatter”

So I got my ass up and went out on the porch
and lit up a fattie with my plastic torch

The moon was a smilin’ on everybody’s yard
so I smiled and lit up and sucked that joint hard

My bloodshot eyes were surprised henceforth
by a bong shaped sleigh and eight stoney dwarves

The driver was chillin’ and smokin’ a reefer
I knew right away that it must be St. Cheeba

he opened his eyes and slurred as he spoke
He yelled at them midgets and started to choke

Now Doobie!, now Dopey, now Puffy and Munchie!
On Fatty! On Sticky! On Giggles and Skunky!

Them midgets lit upand felt 10 feet tall
Now puff away, puff away, puff away y’all

The buds were ablaze as they started to fly
That bong shaped sleigh flew up to the sky

Up to the clouds like a G6 they flew
With a sleigh full of pot and Cheeba Claus too

Away they flew, I thought headed north
But they’re on top of my house them eight stoney dwarves!

As I went inside to get some more bud
Down the chimney St. Cheeba Claus came with a thud

He was dressed all in green from his head to his knees
His clothes were all skunky with ashes and weed

A bundle of ganja he had flung on his back
So he pulled out a bowl and started to pack

His eyes how they glowed all red and all stoney
His nose was like sausage his cheeks pepperonis

His mouth had a grin as wide as a clown
And his beard was in dreads that hung to the ground

The bowl he was smokin’ was tight in his teeth
And the smoke it surrounded his head like a wreath

He had a dark face and a head full of beads
That clicked when he laughed and puffed on that weed

He was high as a kite, a jolly old fella
And I laughed when I saw him and sipped on my Stella

A wink of his eye and drag on his pipe
I thought I was dreamin’ this 420 night

He spoke not a word and moved kinda slow
Filling ziplocks and jars with weed for the bowl

With one last toke all up in his lungs
He exhaled and upthe chimney he flung

He took a deep breath as he dropped in his sleigh
The midgets took off, so he lit up a J

And I heard him mumble as he flew in da sky
Merry Spliffmas to all, and all y’all get High!