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Chronic Future: Killing Cancer Premiered on April 5; Cannabis Science’s CEO Dr. Robert Melamede and Filmmaker Henry Miller Weigh in on Its Success

COLORADO SPRINGS, Cannabis Science, Inc.a pioneering US biotech company developing pharmaceutical cannabis products, is thrilled to provide an update on the premiere of Chronic Future: Killing Cancer, a film by Henry Miller and Cory Pritchard. It tells the story of the attempt by Arizona’s governor to close down medical marijuana dispensaries, and introduces patient after patient, with debilitating ailments, where medical marijuana has successfully treated the disease. Cannabis Science’s CEO, Dr. Robert Melamede, was interviewed for the film about the success the company has seen with patients self-administering cannabis oil to their squamous cell carcinomas, and reducing their tumor burden, even apparently eradicating tumors as determined by biopsy.

chronic future killing cancer documentaryThe film premiered April 5, 2012 in Scottsdale, Arizona, followed by 3 showings per day. The first five showings were sold out, with the following ones close to sold out. Henry Miller states, “There were over 3,500 people who showed up for tickets throughout the day. We got 3 standing ovations for the very first showing. Every state that has legal medical marijuana is part of our formula to fight for federal justice and their acknowledgement of scientific reality. We touched every state. I’m getting calls from people all over the world asking how they can get the film. I haven’t had one negative response. [Dr. Melamede] is a genuine, sincere person; a beautiful soul. We couldn’t ask for a better doctor to be representing this.” Miller has received calls from Japan, China, India, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, South Africa, France, and Canada.

In addition to the 3,500 viewers who showed up for tickets, the movie has caught the attention of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie. Miller has “tweeted with Angelina Jolie, who saw the clips, and says she hopes it will end world hunger.” Henry Miller hopes to be interviewed by Howard Stern, 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper, John Stewart, Oprah, David Letterman, and Jimmy Kimmel, just to name a few. Miller says, “The celebrities are coming out and seeing what we’re doing, and are willing to help us and support us.”

Dr. Robert Melamede commented, “As evidenced by the demographics of the population attending the opening, it’s quite apparent that medical marijuana has moved out of the counterculture and into the mainstream of well to do American citizens. People have already contacted me about the availability of our treatment for skin cancer.”

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