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HEALED: How I Cured My Cancer with Cannabis

This story is the first in a series exploring the curative powers of marijuana, told from the perspective of the people who say they have used it to heal themselves.

cannabis cures cancerThese claims are not a part of a formal study and have not been evaluated by a scientific panel. They are documented observations of the patient and his treating physician. The American Cultivator believes in relaying these stories, with the hope that more research will be forced to fruition and assist in the reduction of patient suffering from chronic illness.

Mike McShane has endured five bouts of Squamous cell carcinoma cancer. He’s spent a million dollars and has been treated with radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery by this team of doctors at the Detroit Medical Center. Today, he believes the invasive treatments were unnecessary. He says he’s cured his latest bout with the disease using a highly concentrated form of marijuana oil called Simpson Oil.

Michael McShane and Gersh Avery are hanging out in my office, chain smoking cigarettes and talking about Jesus.

“That may be why they hung him on that tree you know,” Gersh says, waving his hand and sending a cascade of ashes across my desk. “What do you think was in that oil he was healing people with? It was cannabis.”

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