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Forget London 2012 check out The Cannalympics

On April 21, 2012, the day after the 4:20 protest in Amsterdam, Team Haarlems’ Coffeeshop entrepreneurs organize and offer you the Cannalympics, a 12 event competition in which you can participate for medals and the Cannalympic Bowl, a bowl full of Haarlems finest buds…

cannalympics 2012 haarlem netherlands coffeeshop hemp city

For logistic reasons, the events will be held in 12 of the 16 coffeeshops, they are all within walking distance, so participants can do the whole Cannalympic Tour in one day.

cannalympics medal gold bronze silverAll participants that take part in and finish all 12 events will receive a unique Cannalympic Medal, the winners of each separate event will win a Cannalympic Prize Package, the Overall winner will be rewarded the Hempcity Cannalympic Bowl, and all previous premiums.

We are still very sorry we could not get a venue for a 4:20 evening event, that is why we want to offer you this event as compensation, free of charge, a day of fun and games after a day of protest.

Each participant will be handed a map of Haarlem, marking all 16 coffeeshops, and a Cannalympic stamp card, which will be stamped after each event in the respective coffeeshop.

The events will take of at 10.00 hrs and will be closed at 19.00 hrs.

The Cannalympic Award Ceremony will be held at Willie Wortel’s Sinsemilla, and starts at 21.00 hrs. One never knows what we may come up with to entertain you there…..

Here is the Folder with all the information. map and the 12 participating coffeeshops:

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