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Great British Injustice at its Worst

Time and time again the British Justice system is cruel and injustices are commonplace.  Innocent people are locked up because of mistaken identity.  We see dangerous criminals walk free after causing untold long term mental damage to their victims.  We see paedophiles and other sexual predators escape jail only to destroy yet more lives.

end the war on drugsOur Great British judiciary promotes itself a beacon for other nations to aspire to but in reality it can often based purely on a QCs personal hates and prejudices.  Judge Alan Goldsack QC is the perfect example of one who appears to be waging a personal vendetta against those who choose to grow Cannabis for personal use.  This is surely based on his ignorance of the subject and I am in no doubt that the decades of brain-washing has instigated this severe case of cannaphobia.  This is at the very least hypocritical given that the twelve good men and true are instructed not to allow personal opinions affect their judgement.

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