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Cannabis, Schengen and double standards

Malta is a signatory to the Schengen agreement, which it signed on joining the EU. For anyone who is not familiar with this agreement, it allows for the free movement of EU nationals.

skunk weed cannabis plantIt also allows for EU nationals to transport their medicines across borders. Schengen allows medical users of either Sativex (which is cannabis oil in a spray bottle) or Bedrocan to travel to another country that signed the Schengen agreement for up to 90 days. Any person harassed or detained would be looking forward to hefty compensation from that country.

So why are people like Daniel Holmes doing lengthy prison sentences for cultivation when any other EU national can enter Malta with a prescribed legal cannabis medicine? Or does Malta enjoy an exemption from this part of the agreement?

Why should someone who cultivated such small amounts of cannabis, which, obviously, were not for sale – as the quantity was so small and the effort involved so large – end up with such a long, draconian sentence?

There really needs to be a lengthy, educated discussion on this issue with all the science put on the table; not pseudo science from aging police medical doctors, which is mostly taken from studies that are heavily biased and paid for by prohibitionist groups and alcohol industry insiders.

If cannabis caused half the harm some paid-up prohibitionists say it does, then why was Sativex given a licence and why is Bedrocan legal?

Why have cases of schizophrenia dropped dramatically or remained static in so many European countries while cannabis use has increased threefold over the last three decades?

Governments can’t just cherry-pick data that supports their own outdated prejudice. Any government that does not reclassify alcohol and tobacco to Class A has failed in its duty to protect its own citizens.

There are about 75 million cannabis users in Europe and we deserve the same rights as those who enjoy wine, spirits, beer and tobacco.

Those who use cannabis hold down jobs, pay tax and vote!

By Paul Smith