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Cannabis users should unify around what we oppose, not which policies we might support

I believe cannabis users should unify around what we oppose, not which policies we might support.

ed stratton cannabis drug equality violenceThere will always be a heated battle while spokespersons suggest what we should be doing with cannabis. Such positive proposals infuriate us because it’s nobody’s business how much cannabis we take, how many plants we grow or how strong our preferred strain is.

On the other hand, the central goal for all responsible adult drug users is to bring an end to the vicious sectarian atrocities visited upon us by government. They smash our homes, shatter our families, deprive us of freedom – and on the basis of political ideology alone. This must either be justified, or it must end.

It isn’t our use of drugs at fault, it is the unacceptable behaviour of government. The one demand we share is that the state must leave us alone as they do in respect of wine brewing in the airing cupboard.

Our demands should not be about how we are to be regulated. The problem is government brutality; the solution is for us to demand with one voice, that the state stop abusing us.

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