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Dublin Cannabis March & Smokeup 7th May

Dublin Legalise Cannabis March & Smokeup on the May 7th at 14.00

The aim of this march is to call for the Irish Government to withdraw from, repudiate, or amend any and all international treaties or agreements which limit its ability to alter domestic drug policy; to ensure that no patient shall be prosecuted nor any health care professional penalized for possession or use of any mutually agreed upon medications; to immediately release all non-violent cannabis users/growers; and to start using the billion euro cannabis market to help repair our economy rather than wasting resources and supporting organised crime by imprisoning peaceful cannabis users and growers.

Footage from the 2010 Dublin Cannabis March

Through experience in this anonymous subculture we have repeatedly found that the vast majority of cannabis users in Ireland can consume cannabis responsibly. These are typically decent and similarly unharmful people who should be able to consume cannabis without being criminalised or having fear of oppression for doing so. Due to the nature of prohibition, our culture is largely unfarmiliar in the general public’s eye. Despite this, we will march in protest of the criminalisation of cannabis users and we call for full utilisation of the cannabis plant for its medical, industrial, recreational and agricultural values.

This plant could revolutionize our agricultural sector as is cheap and easy to grow and is actually good for the soil. We could grow, process, manufacture and build with hemp for a sustainable future.

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