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Light Up The Sky

On the 20 April at 21:00 – 21 April at 00:00, ‘Light Up The Sky’ invites the lighting of a beacon in recognition of the counterproductive cannabis laws.

cannabis prohibition marijuana drug warThe ‘Light Up The Sky’ movement asks that concerned citizens of the world act in accordance with their own beliefs by releasing an LED balloon, or a sky lantern, in efforts to raise awareness of cannabis prohibition and the human costs.

‘Light Up The Sky’ is non profit making and it is not a campaign group – it is simply a collection of like minded individuals, wishing for their voices to be heard in what has become a political wilderness. Despite all the evidence to the contrary & the detrimental effects, the prohibition of cannabis has become a political garrison and has directly funded terrorism, human trafficking and gang wars the world over. Cannabis prohibition also impedes the protection of our young by allowing a feral industry – which is booming – and directly targets youth culture. The UK alone spends £19billion on the ‘War on Drugs’ with cannabis receiving a large portion of that budget. Cannabis now has an estimated street worth of £5billion which acts as uncapped profits to fuel a perpetual underground. In the U.S, these figures are exponentially greater. The results of cannabis prohibition – as in 1920’s prohibition America – have once more been catastrophic; change is needed.

‘Light Up The Sky’ does not condone or promote the breaking of law, but it does however demand the evocation of the democratic necessity to debate & question law with a view to seeking better policy that shall benefit society as a whole. It is the view of ‘Light Up The Sky’ that the abolition of cannabis prohibition and a regularity system in its stead is the logical step in:

Cutting crime, freeing valuable police resources, implementing age check systems to protect the young & vulnerable, to raise awareness to adequate harm reduction & emplacements of quality control, and to allow the human rights of an estimated 165 million non-problematic cannabis users worldwide.

‘Light Up The Sky’ invites every concerned citizen to raise awareness and do what they think is just in a night of celebrations befitting of the mutual goal of responsibility; an aim for a carnival atmosphere, and to aid the mutual aim of ending prohibition.

Get involved, spread the word, and find out more on the Facebook pages:

Light Up the Sky

ItShould BeLegal