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THC oil made safely and naturally

Nearly 50 years ago I made THC hash oil in Nepal, that today some think is a new innovative technique

I used Iso alcohol and ether, first cooking up hashish resin using kerosene stoves, outside in my yard, being careful not to get the mix too hot, I used a thermometer to keep the temperature below what would destroy the THC, after simmering I filtered the mix through nylon cloth, this liquid I let cool and then introduced ether to help the alcohol evaporate, when I introduced the ether to the alcohol resin mix flames from Shiva were seen.

joseph r peitri cannabis hashishI am so lucky I did not blow myself up. Many did, oil labs went up in Kabul, and DD Sharma the owner of the Inn Eden on Freak Street in Katmandu blew his privates off. The brotherhood reprocessed the oil made in Asia, with proper laboratory filtering, they produced the wonderful honey oil we remember. The oil I made was black and amber when you spread it on joint.  The oil I made was very good. So to see the same methodology today being called innovative is humorous. I used 10 kilos of hashish resin to make one kilo of hash oil, figuring it took 100 kilos of cannabis to make 10 kilos of hashish resin, each kilo of oil represented 100 kilos of cannabis, one gram vials of my oil equaled 100 grams of cannabis. Those vials last, as all you need was a pin to wipe a thin line across your rolling paper before you rolled a joint.

Here is a simple method of making oil naturally at home safely, and as strong as you need it to be. I will explain a simple technique where as you can have dosage control.

First step is to extract resin glands from cannabis material.  I used the XTR 1000, but you can use the Ice-cold kit and build your own extraction device for a $100. (

Using the XTR 1000 I processed 180 grams of buds, Correct Ice method protocol must be followed. From this I extracted 30 grams of pure trichomes. After drying in my dehydrator and letting sit overnight, I then crumbly the resin, which I then introduced to the 500ml of the finest quality Canadian hemp oil, in this case I used Manitoba Harvest Organic hemp oil. . I have a cheap crock-pot I purchased at the VA for $20, it has 3 settings high/low/warm, I set it on warm, which is the lowest setting. I then introduce oil and resin which dissolves into the hemp oil after 2-3 hrs with occasional stirring, when completely dissolved, I let mix cool down, then I bottle it back into hemp oil bottle and refrigerate. This enables me to make controlled dosages at strengths of varying degrees depending on the amount of extract resin introduced into the hemp oil. If I would have used 60grams of extract using same quantity hemp oil it would be double strength. Actually you get some more because extract adds weight. But this should give you a clear picture. Your 500ml of hemp oil infused with extract equal to 180 grams of cannabis..

This is the finest and safest way to make edible oil at home naturally using no solvents, just water-ice-cannabis resin- hemp oil. Normally I use straight bud for making my tinctures and only make this resin hemp oil with pure extract, as it is very expensive to produce.

Today many are making oil, with cannabis material though it’s bulky and will never be as strong, or as good a medicine as if you made it with resin hashish why?

Marketing fraud has retarded the methods needed to make quality medicine by attaching systems made obsolete by the very method ie bags. The use of bags has killed the making of quality hashish by diluting the original formula.. It’s so bad that stoners and med patients go ugh, and rather smoke bud than poorly made hashish that does not work, has no flavor, aroma, taste. This should be just opposite, the hash is a concentrated form of the bud you make it from, with much stronger flavor, taste, aroma.  Simple test is to use Okief’s tumbler(, smoked product should taste exactly the same as bud material used, yet when you apply bag technique you lose flavor taste and aroma. Just like bags make crap hash, it makes even worse oil and makes no sense. Just see the Oregon Rocket Fuel hash we make here and then imagine the oil we make from this. The method above is completely natural, must be refrigerated, and is only edible. If I were to use whole buds, I would make tincture, using vegetable glycerine, with the option of making stronger potion using resin.

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