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One Big Smoke 2010 – Cannabis Protest Birmingham

One Big Smoke will be held in Victoria Square, Birmingham City Centre on November 6th at 12 noon (please check the Group pasge as the details may have changed). The aim of the event is to voice our opinions on the unjust laws concerning cannabis. 

Attendees are expected from all over the UK. The event will consist of informed speakers, speaking on the topic of the legalization of cannabis as well as music and cannabis poetry.

There will also be a petition for people to sign, which will be sent to 10 Downing Street, demanding the legalization of cannabis.

Hopefully the event will also spread awareness to people in the dark.

Please join the One Big Smoke Facebook Group .

The laws on cannabis in the UK are unjust; people can spend up to 5 years in prison for possession and up to 14 years for supply. People who have never committed a violent crime , or stolen anything in their life, are being locked up and taken away from their families for using cannabis, a naturally occurring plant that has been used (without objection) for thousands of years for its medical and recreational properties. People with a serious illness are being persecuted and criminalized for using the only substance that eases their pain. People who don’t wish to break the law, or are not educated on the medical benefits of cannabis are suffering the most, and this needs to change!

There will be a mass light up on the day. The purpose of this is plainly to give a “two fingers up” to the authorities and for all cannabis users to show solidarity in the common cause.

After all, we are only indulging in a 3000000 year tradition!