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Alpine Seeds – The Swiss Cannabis Seed Bank

Alpine Seeds are a new breeding collective from Switzerland.  Their mission is to supply high quality cannabis genetics at reasonable prices.

The collective consists of a number of skilled breeders, with years of experience and a proven track record, from their previous seed company Herbaria Seeds.

alpine seeds The Swiss Cannabis Seed BankOver the years the breeders have collected, selected and refined some of the best cannabis genetics in the world.

Alpine Seeds concentrate their efforts on producing a small amount of strains, which you can find available on  The focus is very much on quality over quantity, and this can be seen in the stability of these genetics, and the small number of strains they offer.  These strains have not been overbred like many that are found elsewhere, which means the plants grow with vigour and well determined characteristics.  Strains are selected above all on the qualities of the final product in regards to potency, flavour and taste.

Alpine Seeds do their best to work with large quantities of parent plants to ensure that they get absolutely the best selection.  They concentrate their breeding efforts around old, pure or homogenous strains normally originating in Switzerland, Canada or the US.

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