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Ace Cannabis Seeds – The Cannabis Breeders Association

ACE Seeds is a group of breeders and Cannabis lovers dedicated to the preservation and study of cannabis/marijuana.

ace cannabis seeds marijuanaOur planet is suffering a constant loss of genetic diversity and cannabis is not an exception.  ACE seeds see it as their responsibility to save certain unique cannabis strains, and to maintain and preserve biodiversity.

Pure landrace varieties, which are the origin of all the domesticated varieties, are a prime example of the amazing adaptation of cannabis to different ecosystems in our planet, and the millenary and intensive relationships with the human race.

Pure varieties are disappearing for many reasons, such as elimination of natural habitats, war, loss of ancestral cultures, genetic contamination, globalization and laws prohibiting research and use of this cannabis/marijuana around almost all the world.

Although we have already established many medical uses of cannabis/marijuana, we still have only scratched the surface of this plant’s potential and what it can offer the world. ACE Seeds aim to improve the lack of genetic diversity and stop the endogenous depression that Cannabis strains are suffering at the moment, by offering pure, exciting and unique genetics.

From the medical point of view, the benefits and uses of cannabinoids haven’t been entirely studied, and many of these pure varieties have a unique cannabinoid profile that could be useful for treating many different diseases.

ACE Seeds offers you fresh and new genetics selected from the best of their extensive library of Cannabis Sativa strains, collected from all around the world and preserved in their collection.

Ace Seeds are proud to offer you the varieties bred by them from their private collections.  These genetics are exclusive and stock limited.

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