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Marijuana Activist Barry Cooper Arrested at Texas State Capitol

Marijuana activist Barry Cooper turned himself in to authorities Friday morning … and he did it with an expected showman’s flare.

I was notified of his plans last night, but didn’t think he’d actually go this far.

barry cooperWe met at 9 a.m. inside the Starbucks on Congress Ave. in downtown Austin. The first thing I noticed was Barry’s unusual garb. On his forehead, a two word message: “JURY NULLIFICATION”; across his chest in marker ink, a rallying cry: “CONSTITUTIONAL OBEDIENCE”.

After a few minutes of summary and preparation, Cooper, his wife, a cameraman with the local Copwatch chapter and assorted members of the press began making their way down the street toward the state capitol building.

Barry lit a cigarette and took his time to smoke it.

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