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I’ve finally found a Scot I don’t like, says Reverend & The Makers frontman

REVEREND And The Makers frontman Jon McClure has revealed he has finally found a Scot he doesn’t like after being shopped to the cops.

Jon escaped with a reprimand after being caught by police with cannabis in an Inverness hotel in the early hours of Thursday morning, ahead of his gig that night.

He told the Razz: “I was in the hotel with my wife Laura and I ordered some food because I’d been having a spliff.

“I got the munchies and the next thing I knew the night porter lad had grassed me up to the rozzers.

jon mcclure cannabis scotland revernd and the makers“The spliff obviously made me crazy enough to read a book and order a pizza, so he grassed me up and the coppers turned up and started rifling through my stuff.”

The incident happened at around 1.30am and Jon says the police spent about 20 minutes searching his room before finding some cannabis and giving him a caution.

He said: “They were going through my wife’s pants and everything, all for a bit of herb. I’m not a raving crackhead or anything.

“It was just a caution and I’m being sent a letter. I’ve said I’m going to roll a spliff with it and smoke it.”

But things ended well with the police and they even asked for his autograph.

He added: “They said I was the most famous person they’d ever arrested and the female cop even said: ‘My fella loves your band, can I have your autograph?'”

Jon also dedicated a song to the porter at his Inverness Ironworks gig. He said: “I changed the title of my song No Wood Just Trees to Got Wood Smoke Trees and dedicated it to the cheeky little guy who grassed me up.

“He was like one of those kids at school who used to grass you up. He is the first person I’ve met in Scotland who I don’t like.”

Jon admitted it’s not the first time he’s been in trouble in Scotland. He said: “When I was in Edinburgh once, I played guitar on a street corner and all the traffic got disrupted so the coppers came again.

“I’ve not got off to a flying start with Scottish cops but I was just cautioned both times. That time it was for causing a public disturbance.”

Jon, who played Aberdeen’s Warehouse last night and is in Dunfermline’s Velocity tonight, spent his day off at Loch Ness with former Arctic Monkeys muso Andy Nicholson.

He said: “We’ve been having a lovely time but Andy was the nearest thing I saw to the Loch Ness Monster.”

Jon, who also visited Dundee’s Student Union on this tour, said he’s delighted to be in Aberdeen as it’s his favourite destinations.

He said: “I like Aberdeen because it’s all made of lovely granite and last time we were here I was a bit merry at night and the granite was twinkling.

“It was really twinkling because it was frosty too, it was like being in fairlyland. It’s my favourite place in Britain, with such beautiful buildings. When you compare them to buildings from the Sixties and Seventies in England it’s mint.”

Jon is looking forward to returning to Scotland with a clubbier-style tour in the coming months.

He said: “The Reverend Sound System is a different kind of sketch and we’ll be playing in clubs this time. It’s a mix of bassline with dubsteppy stuff but it’s quite poppy as well.”

By Bev Lyons