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Would self-cultivation of cannabis reduce drug trafficking?

According to the organizers of Spannabis, the normalization of the self-cultivation of cannabis would reduce drug trafficking and would generate taxes.

Self-cultivation of cannabis avoids that drug trafficking raised 150 million euros more than what it currently does, assure the organizers of Spannabis, a Cannabis fair that opens its doors today in Spain’s region of Catalonia.

This seventh annual event, held in Cornella from the 26th to 28th of February 2010, solidifies Spannabis as the largest show in the world dedicated to this topic.

“Normalization of cultivation and consumption of cannabis would not only end with illegal trafficking but generate taxes as well”, says Carlos Yerbes, codirector of Spannabis.

Discussions and conferences will focus on the therapeutic uses not as well known to the general public-such as alleviating pain or reducing the side effects of chemotherapy-as well as focusing on the legal parameters of using the Cannabis plant in medicine.

During these three days of Spannabis, visitors have the opportunity to inform themselves and acquire products from over 150 national and international exhibitioners: Clothes, hemp-based cosmetics, seed banks, paraphernalia, vaporizers (recommended for medicinal use), cannabis activists…etc.

By Igor Lansorena
Source: http://www.eitb.com

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