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Breckenridge City Colarado Legalizes Marijuana

Breckenridge, Colorado became “the Amsterdam of the Rockies” after a law was passed removing any criminal or civil penalties for anyone carrying up to an ounce of marijuana or the paraphernalia that are being used to consume the drug. The law takes effect on New Year’s Day of 2010.

The city is the second in the United States to decriminalize marijuana, the first being Denver, another Colorado city. However, Breckenridge is the first to remove penalties for the apparatus, which includes bong, long rolling papers and small pipes.

Despite the new title, the city will be stricter compared to the Dutch capital. It is still restricted to buy, sell or grow cannabis (pictured), the plant where the drug is cultivated. It is also restricted to display or use the drug or the items in public. Under a separate ordinance, it is still illegal to use them while driving or skiing, asBreckenridge has ski resorts. Anyone who causes disturbance while stoned will also be apprehended.

The police department of the city already reported that there was an increase in the number of phone calls inquiring about the law.

However, marijuana is still illegal under state and federal laws. Therefore, cops can still apprehend anyone bringing in the psychoactive drug or the apparatus. However, the Obama administration and the state indicated that they will not crack down anyone so long as they follow the above-mentioned restrictions of the new city ordinance.