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6 Top Benefits of Consuming Less Cannabis

If you’re reading this, you probably like nothing better than kicking back with some delicious weed. But, as we all know, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. 

Let’s check out some of the top benefits of consuming less cannabis.

You Won’t Need to Take a Tolerance Break

If you find yourself needing more cannabis to get the effect you desire, it may be time for a tolerance break, also known as a T-break. THC works by stimulating CB1 endocannabinoid receptors in our brains. After periods of heavy use, the CB1 receptors become less sensitive to THC, and we need more to feel the same effects. The mechanism is part of our body’s effort to keep us in balance.

We need to take a break from cannabis to return our CB1 receptors to their original sensitivity level. Some authorities assert that cannabis tolerance breaks should last at least three weeks to be effective. However, you can avoid the need to take extended tolerance breaks by consuming less cannabis on a regular basis. 

Your Lungs Will Get a Chance to Recover

Although smoking organic cannabis carries less risk than maintaining a pack-a-day chemical-laden cigarette habit, you can still develop chronic lung problems like bronchitis with heavy marijuana smoking. Smoking less at a time will reduce the irritation to your lungs, and taking a few days off per week will allow your airways to recover.

You may want to consider switching to a dry-herb vaporizer to limit lung irritation. Dry-herb vaping also preserves terpenes and makes for a better-tasting cannabis session.

Just remember that any inhalation method may irritate your lungs if you’re dealing with a respiratory infection or happen to be prone to allergies or asthma. If this is you, you’re probably better off choosing edibles.

Control The Quantity

Quantity makes a big difference with regards to the effects of cannabis. Many times, we eat or smoke way too much cannabis simply because we like the flavor. Try thinking like a beginner and follow the cardinal rule of cannabis consumption: Start low and go slow. 

You Won’t Get Withdrawal Symptoms

Whether we like it or not, all of us weed lovers have had to forego our weed consumption at one point or another. There are many situations in which we may be forced to refrain from consuming cannabis, such as:

  • Visiting conservative family members
  • Going on a work trip
  • Traveling in a country with harsh drug laws
  • Spending time recovering in the hospital

Although withdrawal symptoms from cannabis are usually mild, heavy consumers can experience annoyances like anxiety, irritability, appetite loss, and insomnia. If you keep your cannabis consumption to a moderate level, you will be less likely to experience these symptoms when you must refrain from consuming it.

You’ll Save Money

You may be surprised at how much money you save if you reduce your cannabis consumption. You may want to monitor your budget to see how much you’re currently spending on cannabis. Then, you can decide to set a smaller budget. You could give yourself an incentive by committing to spend the money you save on another fun activity or an item you’ve been wanting to buy.

You can use the extra cash you save from consuming less cannabis to invest in luxury accessories like a high-quality grinder or a personalized vaporizer to make your sessions even more special.

You’ll Make Consuming Cannabis Feel Special Again

Generally, ancient and indigenous cultures used psychoactive substances either for medicinal purposes or for special occasions. Unfortunately, today’s fast-paced consumer culture constantly gives us the message that more is better. Consuming less weed often helps people respect cannabis for the sacred plant that it is rather than a substance we unconsciously consume out of habit. 

Tips for Consuming Less Cannabis

  • Make rules for your cannabis consumption: Rules don’t work for everyone, but for some people, they’re like magic. Some cannaseurs only smoke on weekends or in the evenings. Others find that not smoking three days in a row helps them cut back. The rules that work for you will be as individual as you are. You may want to try making a game out of it.
  • Commit to a daily limit: If you keep a fair amount of weed around, you could easily be tempted to consume more. Try setting aside a measured amount of cannabis for each day.
  • Consume higher-quality cannabis: Smoking or vaping more potent buds will help you get accustomed to consuming lesser amounts.
  • Break edibles into smaller pieces: Many people eat more than they actually need for their desired effects. You can always eat another portion later, but if you consume too much in one sitting, you’re probably wasting weed.
  • Don’t add tobacco to your joint: Mixing your bud with tobacco will encourage you to smoke more joints because the nicotine is highly addictive. Blunts also include nicotine and can have the same addictive quality.
  • Buy less cannabis at a time: A bottomless stash jar may tempt you to consume more.
  • Skip every other round: It’s easy to overconsume when you’re smoking with friends. If you pass every other time the joint comes to you, your lungs will thank you.
  • Substitute hemp flower for regular cannabis: Alternating your usual bud with hemp flower or high-CBD/low-THC cannabis will allow you to consume less THC without feeling deprived. Delta-8 THC products may make another useful substitute, as the compound’s effects are less intense than regular delta-9 THC. Some companies are even infusing hemp flower with delta-8 THC, so you can enjoy mild psychoactive effects without raising your tolerance level.
  • Control your consumption levels: Use smaller rolling papers or just get a pipe with a smaller bowl to control your intake. Products like The Holey Smokes Pipe make microdosing much easier! 

Every cannabis fan has a unique metabolism and psychological make-up, so you’ll probably want to experiment with several techniques until you figure out which methods work for you. Check back with us at Cannabis N.I. for more tips and tricks to enhance your marijuana sessions.

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