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Death By Prohibition

Like many fearful potheads, Andrew Grande attempted to swallow the bag as police tried to arrest him on Dec. 10 in Panama City, Florida. When he struggled, an overzealous cop tased him and soon Grande choked to death on the bag.

According to Bay County police, Grande had an argument with a girlfriend, left the car and and was apprehended in the Executive Inn parking on Front Beach Rd. at 2 am. After being tased, Grande fell to the ground. He stopped breathing and one officer did the Heimlich Manuever to no avail.

EMS were able to pull the bag out of his throat, but it was to late.

“This subject chose to ingest this in his mouth,” Bay County sheriff Frank McKeithlen says. “Because of that he’s dead.”

No, Grande is dead because 1) he was tased and 2) marijuana is illegal. He’d be alive today if it wasn’t. Grande was 23.

Warning: Video contains graphic material


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