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Original Sensible Seeds

It´s been almost 30 years since Original Sensible Seeds set out on what they describe as their ‘incredible adventure’ in the cannabis industry, and what a journey it’s been.

During this period they were used as the first test case in the late 90’s which helped define the current law with regards to the legality of seeds, they were endlessly pursued by the judicial system and, where others would have backed down Original Sensible were different …they kept coming back, each time stronger than ever…Original Sensible would never surrender!

In 1992 Original Sensible Seeds pioneered what was then a unique business and brought what was available in Amsterdam to the UK, creating their own unique blend of cannabis seeds and designing hydroponic growth systems. Working with classic stable genetics Original Sensible created strains like Bigger Pine and PR#1 – Potency and yield were the focus of their aspiration. Bigger Pine aptly named due to its huge colas and its resemblance to a Christmas tree and PR#1 the strongest strain on the planet even compared to Bruce Banner # 3 potency levels. And what started out as a small cottage business spread quickly, and skunk or ‘green’ was made accessible and readily available throughout the UK, becoming more popular than hashish which at this time was all that was available. Skunk had the added appeal to be able to grow your own. In fact, Original Sensible were credited as being the first to offer the ‘New Skunk Seeds’ to the masses in the UK.

At the end of the late 90’s and during the early 2000’s after continual harassment Original Sensible Seeds continued the business away from the limelight, but this was not the ‘Bitter Harvest’ or indeed the ‘Bitter End’ this was the start of a whole new beginning. On their travels Original Sensible spotted an opportunity which would give them the freedom to continue with their passion and they re-located to Spain.

Once again Original Sensible were in the forefront doing what they do best and since relocating have developed a catalogue of over 50 feminised cannabis seeds. Due to their extensive knowledge of the industry their collection is tailor made to offer an extensive range of varieties to suit both the home cultivator and commercial grower alike, showcased by their West Coast genetics which is highlighted by their monster strain Bruce Banner # 3.

The USA West Coast genetics collection was created out of their acquisition of solid genetics which included Girl Scout Cookies and Colorado Ghost OG but without a doubt this collection is dominated by their showcase strain Bruce Banner #3 with its monstrous levels of THC potency. Original Sensible Seeds have also developed fast flowering, autoflowering and high CBD varieties of this green dude and no doubt in the future will launch some great crossed versions.

Their bulk marijuana seeds collection is geared up in particular for the commercial grower. Buy up to 500 seeds per pack, this range is based on cannabis classics popular for their reliability to produce both high yields and potency. Available in feminised and autoflowering and prices starting from less than 2€ per seed they are without a doubt the best bulk seed deal out there.

We can´t wait to see what´s next from Original Sensible Seeds. What we do know is they will always strive to bring you the best cannabis seed genetics as they have done for the last 30 years and will continue to do so for many more to come.

…Growing Your Skunk Since 1992