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American Strains From Original Sensible Seeds

Bruce Banner #3

Original Sensible Seeds celebrate their most successful year to date with the addition of 10 new feminised and autoflowering cannabis seeds.

The new additions are proving to be best sellers not only at The Original Seeds Store but throughout their distribution and re-sellers network.

Gorilla Glue #4

Smashing straight into number one position is Bruce Banner #3 with outrageous levels of THC, an original creation from the USA and ranked one of the strongest strains on the planet!  Following closely behind and ranked second best seller of the year is Gorilla Glue #4. The Gorilla Glue #4 strain sent the cannabis community jungle drums booming in the early part of 2018, customers couldn’t get enough of this dank, gluey strain. When our original Zkittlez was launched earlier this year we had to follow by crossing both Gorilla Glue #4 and original Zkittlez to create our Zkittzy Gorilla which adds sweet tropical zesty flavours into the gooey resin.

With the current movement and legalisation policies of cannabis in the USA American strains have become more popular than ever throughout Europe and Original Sensible’s Girl Scout Cookies is no exception, this strain has particular importance in the parentage and creation of our other new additions Wedding Cake and Gelato. Both uplifting strains with potency levels of 20% and upwards. Wedding Cake will energize with a heavy blast of euphoria whilst Gelato will follow with a heavy physical relaxation.

If you’re looking for a fast turn around of equally outstanding weed you need to check out the new autoflowering seeds  White Crystal Meth Auto, Lemonberry Haze Auto and our Girl Scout Cookies auto, these fast flowering automatic seeds can turn from seed to weed in less than 70 days, producing the high potency levels you would expect from photoperiod seeds.

Original Sensible have extended their anniversary offer – Buy 3+1 FREE 5+2 FREE 10+4 FREE 25+10 FREE so if you´re wondering what’s new on the cannabis scene you need to check out Original Sensible Seeds they have all the latest new strains from America available in feminised and autofem seed packs.