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Bruce Banner # 3 Fast

Celebrated as one of the strongest cannabis strains on the planet Bruce Banner #3 is now available in a fast flowering variety!

Original Sensible Seeds were the first seed bank to launch their flag ship strain Bruce Banner #3 in a feminised seeds photoperiod variety and the incredible green monster took the marijuana scene by storm. Since then many other seed banks have tried to follow in their footsteps but Original Sensible Seeds together with their incredible breeding team now offer 4 feminized seed variations of Bruce Banner #3 in their marijuana seed collection.

Bruce Banner #3

Bruce Banner #3 Auto

Dr Bruce Banner CBD

Bruce Banner #3 Fast Flowering

There are many feminised photoperiod strains now available in fast flowering varieties (or FV for short) but only Original Sensible Seeds offer this Big Green Dude in a unique quick bloom variety. By combining their powerful Black Domina which is also used in Original Sensible Seeds cannabis strains like Granddaddy Black, Black Destroyer and Black Ghost OG to the original genetics, thus reducing the usual finishing time. Bruce Banner #3 Fast or sometimes refereed to as BB#3 Early Version is capable of reducing the usual flowering time expected when growing Bruce Banner #3 by up to 2 weeks in indoor set ups. Growing outdoors you’ll be trimming up and curing before the weather changes and is well suited to a shorter growing season.

So if you´re looking for the fastest growing cannabis seeds with the most potency and monster yields check out Bruce Banner # 3 Fast over at Original Sensible Seeds this quick flowering beast is the new Hulk Smash!