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New USA West Coast Strains – Autoflowering Varieties

Bruce Banner 3 Auto

Original Sensible Seeds bring you a brand new range of their USA West Coast cannabis seeds in easy to grow autoflowering varieties.

Following the success of their feminised seeds Bruce Banner #3, Wedding Cake, Gelato, Zkittlez, Gorilla Glue #4 and Girl Scout Cookies, Original Sensible were soon working on automatic varieties to popularise these strains even more and and make them available to the masses in this easy to grow format.

Original Sensible Seeds continuous development programme is geared to appease the growing demand for the dankest most potent weed stains and their new autoflowering seeds collections are their best creations to date. The original strains were created in the USA and are among the strongest and most potent varieties on the market today and these new autoflowering seeds are right up there in comparison to their original photoperiod genetics.

Bruce Banner #3 Auto – Like it’s photoperiod monster, this version packs a serious punch, producing quality buds laden with THC crystals giving a well balanced effect between cerebral and a relaxed body stone. Dank, earthy diesel with hints of lemony sweetness. Hulk smash!

Gorilla Glue #4 Auto – Gorilla Glue is one of the most sought after cannabis strains out there due to it’s high resin production and this sticky little monkey is no exception. Superior colas coated in gluey THC crystals produce classic flavours that give a well balanced stone.

Zkittlez Auto – Expect large buds laden with sugary candy resin with a tropical fruit taste which will tantalize your taste buds…. Taste the strain bro!

Gelato Auto – Original Gelato the THC powerhouse is crossed with Original Sensible Seeds Girl Scout Cookies Auto to bring you a high yielding auto variety with intense resin production with a heavy handed blast of euphoria.

Wedding Cake Auto – Sometimes referred to as Birthday Cake or Pink Panties Original Sensible Seeds Wedding Cake Auto gives growers of all levels an opportunity to sample the best of the West Coast in less than 70 days!

Original Sensible Seeds have extended their anniversary promotion so there´s never been a better time to grab a pack of these new autoflowering cannabis seeds with promotional packs of 3+1 5+2 10+4 and 25 + 10.

Visit the Original Seed Store today.

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