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Calls for Cork mother to grow her own cannabis after Simon Harris rejected her application to help her daughter

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There have been calls from social media users for Cork mother Vera Twomey to grow her own medicinal cannabis after her meeting with the Irelands Minister of Health Simon Harris left her devastated.

Vera told Harris for the fourth time how her 6-yr-old daughter Ava has a very rare form of epilepsy which she has been informed can be helped by taking medicinal cannabis.

Little Ava can have up to 20 seizures a day.

Harris has told Vera that she cannot get the medication to help treat her daughter because she hasn’t been prescribed it by a pediatric brain specialist and that they won’t make an exception.

A visibly shaken Vera Twomey spoke to TV3 yesterday saying she just doesn’t know what to do next.

Social media users have stated that she should grow her own medicinal cannabis seeing as the State won’t help her.

Tweet Simon Harris to let him know your thoughts.

By James Brennan

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