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Cannabis Education Seminar set for Stormont Castle

BILLY Caldwell’s appeal for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis in the North will be taken to Stormont at the end of this month.

Politicians will hear how the drug is the last remaining hope for Billy who is currently reaping the benefits of cannabis oil in Los Angeles.

The lesion in his brain that is the cause of his life-threatening epilepsy seizures is currently so large, surgery to remove it would require taking out an entire lobe. While this would stop the seizures, Billy would lose his memory and communication functions.

Billy has been treated with cannabis oil for the last month and it has been hugely successful in controlling his seizures.
It is also proven to reduce the size of the lesion. That is what Billy’s family are praying will happen with Billy so surgery will not have such a drastic impact.

The ‘Billy’s Law’ medicinal cannabis education seminar will take place on January 30 in the Long Gallery in Parliament Buildings at 4pm.

Billy’s mother Charlotte said the aim is to “educate our politicians and the general public on the medical benefits of medicinal cannabis”.

She continued, “Billy’s Law needs supported and passed urgently. We have so far received overwhelming support from all our political parties on Billy’s Law. I am truly amazed. Their support is coming fast and thick. It is incredible our wee Epilepsy Warrior’s plight can unite our political parties.”

In the same week this debate takes place, Billy is expected to have an updated brain scan to see if their prayers have been answered and see if the cannabis oil is reducing the size of the lesion in Billy’s brain to allow safe surgery.

Since the Keep Billy Alive campaign was launched in July, £120,000 of the £300,000 has been raised.

Charlotte said, “To date we have raised an amazing £120,000. It is just incredible what everyone at home has done for our wee Epilepsy Warrior. From the money raised we have already paid for Billy’s tests, flights, accommodation, medication etc.

“We have now been here in Los Angeles nearly four months. We would not have been able to achieve any of this, if it weren’t for all you folk out there.

“The love, support and kindness that each and everyone of you guys have shown us is truly overwhelming.

“Billy’s condition is a brutal diagnoses for any wee child to deal with, also a brutal condition for any parent to watch, but with the help of CBD/THC (cannabis oil) and hopefully brain surgery in the coming weeks, I am feeling hopeful he will overcome it and return home safely.

“Please stay with us folks as we continue our quest to raise the vital funds to pay for Billy’s life saving treatment. We cannot do this without your help.”

To donate text Keep81 to 70070 or donate online at the links provided on the Keep Billy Alive Facebook page. You will also find a link to a petition to legalise medicinal cannabis to allow Billy to return home.

Charlotte said, “I know with your help we can do this and so not only can we bring Billy home safely, but so many more of our loved ones can benefit from this life saving medicine.”


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