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An update on the campaign to Keep Billy Alive

The latest news from the Keep Billy Alive campaign

“Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life, Positive Outcome”. 2017 here we come!!

To date we have raised an amazing £120,000. Just incredible what all of you folk have done for our wee Epilepsy Warrior! Out of total raised we have already paid for Billy’s tests, flights , accommodation, medication etc. We have now being here in Los Angeles nearly 4 months.
We would not have being able to achieve any of this if it weren’t for all you folk out there!

The love, support and kindness that each and everyone of you guys have shown us and our wee Epilepsy Warrior is truly overwhelming.

Billy’s condition is a brutal diagnoses for any wee child to deal with, also a brutal condition for any parent to watch, but with the help of CBD/THC and Brain Surgery in the coming weeks , I am feeling hopeful he will overcome it and return home safely.

Please stay with us folks as we continue our quest to raise the vital
Funds to pay for Billy’s life saving treatment. We cannot do this without your help!

If you or anyone you know would like to organise an event to raise much needed funds please get in touch.

To donate click on link below or Text Keep81 to 70070…/just4child…/keepbillyalive2

We have another huge hurdle in front of us to have legalisation passed in N. Ireland for the use of Medicinal Cannabis! Please go into petition link below and sign.

Again folks we are asking, please stay with us?
Thank you to God for all of you guys, without you this would undoubtedly be a much harder Road.

I know with your help we can do this and so not only can we bring Billy home safely, but so many of our loved ones can benefit from This life saving Medicine!