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Ulster University to Trial Cannabis for Arthritis

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A major new study into the anti-imflamatory benefits of cannabis-based medication is set to be carried out in Northern Ireland.

The £250,000 project by Ulster University (UU) and pharmaceutical start-up GreenLight Medicines will examine the effects on people suffering with forms of arthritis.

greenlight medicines irelandThe bossman of Greenlight Medicines Dr James Linden (originally from Saintfield, Co Down) says: “We are studying several components of the cannabis plant which have been shown to possess anti-inflammatory properties.

“Specifically, we’re investigating the use of cannabis-based extracts that have been proven to reduce inflammation, and we wish to explore the full therapeutic potential of these molecules in relation to several inflammatory diseases.

“Ulster University is renowned for its reputation in biomedical sciences research and it has been incredibly supportive during our early development stage, with the researchers having an endless thirst to lead the way in many areas of research across a spectrum of diseases.”

The Ulster University team will be headed by Dr David Gibson, a specialist researcher of rheumatoid arthritis.

The project will move GreenLight Medicines towards validation of the first product, which is targeted at patients suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Earlier in the year GreenLight Medicines secured €500,000 in funding from Irish investors to further its research into cannabis extracts.

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2 Responses to "Ulster University to Trial Cannabis for Arthritis"

  1. I suspect this trial is about CBD (cannabidiol) one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis, this one being non-physcoactive. You can grow cannabis plants with this in them, can also buy CBD oils and other related products from various retail outlets online and even in Belfast. No need to wait for some company to jump through hoops so they can get a product to market. Trial it for yourself today.

    I know many people who use cannabis infused coconut oil topically and get great releif from their pains associated with arthritis.

  2. This seems like the Irish version of GW Pharmaceuticals. Making medicine from a medicinal plant, the peoples plant, so they can sell it back to us. Grow your own. You’re a long time dead.


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