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Cannabis Helps With Parkinsons Related Tremors

Ian Frizell suffers from early onset Parkinsons disease which he says cannabis helps control the symptoms of

‘What you are seeing here is my Parkinson’s tremor with absolutely no medication whatsoever,’ he says. ‘I cannot tolerate the prescription medication for Parkinson’s disease. They make me feel extremely unwell.’

‘It’s now 20 minutes since I self-medicated with approximately 30mg of marijuana, which is just a small pinch, taken using a vaporiser’

‘And you can see that my tremor has calmed down significantly. In fact, it’s almost completely under control.’

If you’ve got a friend or family member suffering from Parkinsons then there’s no need to wait around for a doctor or politicians to pull their finger out of their arses, you can grow cannabis and help your relative. Any law that prohibits us from helping eachother deserves to be broken. You’re a long time dead!

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