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Help Crowdfund Cannabis & Cancer Research

Cannabis activist Jeff Ditchfield is seeking to raise enough funds to have cannabis tested on cancer cells.

You can see some of the work Jeff and the guys at Bud Buddies have done in the documentary ‘Bud Buddies: Project Storm.

Below is an extract from Jeff’s GoFundMe page.

“The present and recent research into the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids is (in the main) funded by large pharmaceutical companies who are seeking returns on their research investment via patents. I am currently collaborating with several leading experts and organisations on developing and carrying out independent research into the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids; one such collaboration is with Professor Manuel Guzman and his department at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Professor Manuel Guzman first came to my attention with the publication of his paper: “Cannabinoids: Potential Anticancer Agents ” (2003). My interest was roused by the second line of his opening statement:

“Cannabinoids — the active components of Cannabis Sativa and their derivatives — exert palliative effects in cancer patients by preventing nausea, vomiting and pain and by stimulating appetite. In addition, these compounds have been shown to inhibit the growth of tumour cells in culture and animal models by modulating key cell-signalling pathways. Cannabinoids are usually well tolerated, and do not produce the generalized toxic effects of conventional chemotherapies. So, could cannabinoids be used to develop new anticancer therapies?”

Since 2003, Manuel and his department have conducted considerable research into the field of cannabinoids and cancer, in my opinion they are the world leaders in this field.

There are around 200 forms of cancer and what is becoming apparent from the research in Madrid is that some cancers react differently to combinations of cannabinoids.

Dr Guillermo Velasco specialises in cannabinoids and their effects on gliomas and pancreatic cancer. I like Guillermo very much and mainly for his answer to my question, why did you choose these two particularly aggressive forms of cancer? He responded that he selected these two particular cancers mainly because they are both very, very aggressive with a high mortality rate and unlike other forms of cancer there are no effective treatments for sufferers.

I am seeking to raise €35,000 to fund an independent experiment I am designing with Professors Guillermo Velasco, Cristina Sanchez and Manuel Guzman at the Complutense University of Madrid.”

Help Jeff and those who depend on this research, or maybe need this little extra bit of proof…on top of the ever growing evidence.

For more information visit the GoFundMe page now.