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(USA) Ban on medical pot studies hurts patients

Editor, the Tribune: Recently, long-overdue research by Donald I. Abrams was published in Neurology that indicates smoked marijuana effectively reduces chronic neuropathic pain as well as acute pain for people living with HIV/AIDS.

thc medicinal benefits cannabinoidThis study illustrates that medical cannabis provides people living with HIV/AIDS much-needed relief from pain and suffering and validates the experiences of patients and their doctors.

Seven years ago the federal government issued a gold-standard report from the Institute of Medicine recommending that more research be conducted to review the appropriate therapeutic use of cannabis. Despite these recommendations, federal agencies often discourage medical cannabis research.

What does America gain by arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating patients seeking a cure or relief? What does America gain by having medical research of marijuana effectively banned? Prohibition of marijuana as a medicine is a crime against nature and a rejection of God’s will.

Jared Willis
3001 S. Providence Road

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